Town News

Sally Doten


Before I forget it, I need to apologize to my great aunt Ethel. I reported last week that her maiden name was Moreside, but I was wrong; it was Moresehead. Oh, will I ever get this stuff straight? But, I think I am right on the following statement, “Aunt Ethel Fitzpatrick and George Moreshead are siblings, their brother (my grandfather Edward) was a Moreside.”  Is it any wonder my mind is muddled; who can keep track of this family history. I am lost most of the time about most things so guess this is just a continuation of my confusion.

Sorry to report that Dwight (Bud) Ferry is a patient (or has been) at E.M.M.C. I haven’t heard from Janice lately so don’t know for sure if he’s still there. Get well soon, Bud. We are thinking of you.

The deer that have been coming to my bird feeder are minus one. One of the fawns or yearlings, was killed on the main highway last week. When Momma arrived this past weekend, she was tending only one. I hate seeing the animals hit on the highway and I know how dangerous it is from personal experience. I hit a 6-point buck on the Baring-Calais line a few years back. I was returning from Calais, met 3 cars going the other direction. When I put my high beams on after the traffic there stood a deer looking directly at me. He didn’t move and I couldn’t avoid him; it broke my heart. That one accident caused $7000 worth of damage. I still slow down when I come to that spot.

Sympathy is extended this week to the families of Philip Clark and Michael Williams. Both of these men passed away unexpectedly last week. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families.

I am happy to tell you that Dottie Johnson is on the mend and now a patient at Calais Hospital. Dottie has been very sick and will remain in the hospital for a few more weeks. Get well soon, my friend. I think you will see her column back this week; that is a good sign.

My daughter Beth and I attended the benefit supper in Pembroke for Jason Ramsdell. Jason has been a cancer patient for some time and just went through major surgery in Boston. He will return home later this week to recuperate. After he is stronger, he will again be back in Boston for surgery on both lungs. Jason is the grandson of Helen Brooks of Robbinston.

Wishing get well to all the flu victims. So far my family has not been recipients of the miserable bug.

See you next week.