Town News

Linda Baniszeski

Meddybemps greetings to all!  The weather continues to be winter some days and early spring the next.  The lake has frozen solid again in our cove.  There was open water out in the large expanses of the lake last week.  Now, there are areas we can view from our shore indicating some of these surfaces are now covered with thin ice.  Keep your pets off the ice.  There have been some real tragic results over the years when pets went through the ice.

The birds seem as mystified with the haphazard weather conditions as we humans.  Barry’s brother and wife, Bruce and Janet, who live in Pembroke, have had two robins in their yard.  Janet was concerned there was so little for them to find to eat.  She cut up some apples and they ate nearly every bit.  It’s a little hard to find worms, grubs and bugs when the ground is still frozen.  Perhaps they were swept north with some of the warmer weather fronts that we’ve experienced.

An apology is due my dear readers, and especially Dale Archer.  Looking at the wrong month on my birthday calendar last week, I noted that Dale Archer was a leap year baby.  HE ISN’T.  His birthday is actually in March, NOT February as reported.  Very sorry for one more error on my part.  Perhaps this time though, it is not owing so much to simple old age; but rather the fact that I was sick over a period of six weeks.  Perhaps a continuous low-grade fever and meds clouded my mind.  Whatever the cause, I will try to do better in the future.  Thankfully, the fever is gone, and I am finally on the mend and done with the meds.  Stay healthy, my friends.

Correct Happy Birthday news this week is that Kenny Gibson celebrates his special day on March 15.  He is wished a happy day and year ahead.

Welcome to the new puppy dog in town.  Raymah and Wally Lyons have a 3 month old Shi Tzu named Toby.  He is an adorable little ball of black and white fur.  His features are a lot like Scuffy’s.  We can’t wait for them to meet one of these days when it gets warm enough for me to walk her again.  Once the seasonal k-9 residents are back, we can have a fun-filled small dog play date with Kim Oliver’s spunky Llasa Apso, the Lentz’s Yorkie Emmy, and perhaps Meg Rothberg’s handsome little guy Sergio, a Bichon Frise.    

There are a few not-before-seen red squirrels scampering about.  Something is living in a tree cavity at Lloyd Perkins’ camp.  Everytime we go by when Scuffy needs to go out, she is attracted to this tree by little grunting and grumbling sounds coming from the split in the base of it.  Who knows what’s in there -- squirrels, racoons, skunks?  I sure don’t want to know and don’t want Scuffy finding out through a personal introduction. 

Mark your calendars for the free concert at the Second Baptist Church on Saturday, March 19 at 6:30 pm with a light meal afterwards.  All are welcome.  A free-will offering will be taken.


Not much else is new around here.  Please send your personal, family, organization and community news to or phone 454-3719. I am happy to report it, if you will please let me know what’s going on.