Town News

Kathy Mekelburg


February weather summary: February was the third consecutive very warm month. The February mean temperature of 26.7 degrees was 4.7 degrees above normal. Only February, 1998 (27.8 degrees) and February, 2010 (27.7 degrees) were warmer. Maximum temperature of 56 degrees occurred on Leap Year Day (29th), but the 1st and 25th came close with 55 degrees. Minimum temperature was minus 7 degrees on the 15th. There were 10 days with maximums 32 degrees or below, 27 days with minimums 32 degrees or below, and 3 days with minimums zero  or below. In fact, this probably would have been a record warm February except for those few cold days from the 12th - 15th. There were 1105 heating degree days or 105 below normal. Total since July stands at 4826 or 652 below normal.

Total precipitation was 5.88 inches or 1.67 inches above normal. Total since January stands at 11.06 inches or 2.48 inches above normal. Maximum daily amount was 1.22 inches on the 5th. There were 13 days with measurable precipitation. Total snowfall came to 28.2 inches or 5.2 inches above normal (surprising high in this very mild February). Maximum daily amount was 12.4 inches on the 5th. Greatest snow depth was 21 inches on the 11th.

Highest barometer was 30.64 inches on the 15th and 23rd, while the lowest was 29.05 inches on the 25th. Mean relative humidity was 81.0 percent. Prevailing winds were Southwest. Peak gust was 64/sse on the 16th. Some downed trees were reported along with power outages. This wind speed has been exceeded only twice: March 26, 2014 (68/n.) and February 3, 2013 (66/nne). There were 8 clear days, 7 partly cloudy days, and 14 cloudy days. Daytime sky cover averaged 59 percent. There were two days with dense fog. An unusual February thunderstorm occurred on the 25th, the first February occurrence since 2002!) An interesting historical note: The temperature on Leap Year Day reached 56 degrees. Only Leap Year Day of 1880 (136 years ago) rivaled such warmth for that date! However, this figure fell far short of the warmest February day of 66 degrees (as high as 68 degrees in Baileyville) on the 29th in 1994!


Winter (December - February): Mean temperature 28.3 degrees (5.5 degrees above normal; easily beat 27.2 degrees set in the winter of 2001-02)! Precipitation 21.15 inches (6.08 inches above normal). Snowfall 68.5 inches (just 0.4 inches above normal).