Town News

Sally Doten


Another week has gone by in this little town and not one soul has done one thing!!! I know this is so because no one has called me. No, wait a minute, I do have a couple of things to report.

Bud Ferry is now at Ross Manor in Bangor. I know he would love to hear from you. Janice travels up about once a week for a visit and tries to have lunch with him. He is having a difficult time communicating. Bring a smile to his face and send that card.

Eddie and Evelyn Noddin  traveled to Ellsworth a couple of times. Evelyn had a cataract removed; the next one will be done in 10 days. It’s a miserable trip up and back two days in a row and traveling Rt. 179 isn’t the most fun you can have. That road needs some serious work...rough and crooked.

Sympathy is extended to the family of Gary Wheelock. Gary passed away Sunday morning at Calais Hospital after being a patient at St. Joseph and Eastern Maine Medical Center.

So happy to tell you that Olivia Smith is playing softball for Husson University this spring. She and the team just finished up competitions in Florida. Good Luck, Liv!!!

And now the continuing saga of the Moresheads/Moresides. I forgot to add this bit of information in my past ramblings. I was born in October 1942. (I know that’s hard to believe.)  Evidently I was born a Moreside which I didn’t know until just about 15 years ago. I was going through so old papers my mother saved..she saved everything. And what did I find? A court record dated in 1943 saying my name was changed to Moreshead. I promise that this is the end of this family thing. If you know a Moreside, he might have been a Moreshead or visa versa. Regardless of what we are now called, we all came from the same “bed of cats.” End of story.