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Dave McCullough

What a special time this week when we caught up with the Farm Cove Hermit for breakfast. He looks great and is looking forward to spending time at Farm Cove. He was especially pleased that this past summer he has been introduced to solar power and now has lights! He speaks highly of all his neighbors and the gatherings of the ATV Club and the Historical Society. Spring is almost here, Ken!

Did you know that on March 11, 2011, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake in Japan moved the country 8 feet to the east?

Observations from the Deck at “Hole in the Wall” (Patty and Barry Weeks):

  We are experiencing many signs of an early spring in southern New Hampshire.  No snow on ground, red winged blackbirds are here, the woodcock have been singing the mating ritual for a couple weeks, ducks, bluebirds and other birds are all paired.

  Patty and I are New Hampshire Fish and Game instructors.  We work in the winter, mostly with school groups in the classrooms and on the ice.  This year the program was shut down early because of questionable ice conditions.  (Early Ice Out?)  There were disappointed children in a few of the schools because they missed their ice fishing field trips.  The ice was too thin to hold 80 plus people.

  Every year, those of us that drag a streamer in the lakes hope for an early ice out and it looks promising this year.   Last year there seemed to be less young people observed in boats fishing with adults.  Seems to be less each year.  When I was very young, I remember precious days spent fishing with my Dad and Grandpa.  It influenced who I am today.  I try to share that love today when I can.  (Share the past, shape the future---take a child fishing! )

Hopefully this summer we’ll see a change in the downhill trend when we return to our deck at the “Hole in the Wall.”  

 Wanted!!! Operation Game Thief currently has an opening on the State of Maine Board of Directors. OGT is interested in anyone wjo has a background and a concern for the outdoors and Maine’s natural resources. The OGT Board of Directors is a working board that is responsible for raising funds to support the “Tip Hotline” for the Maine Marine Patrol and the IF&W Wardens. This is a great chance to do your part for “Maine’s Outdoors.” If you are interested, please contact Gary Bouchard at

On Sunday, March 20th at 12 pm, join the Downeast Lakes Land Trust as we celebrate Sugar Maples with a traditional “backyard boil down” in Grand Lake Stream.  Learn all about the transformation from sap to syrup and the cultural significance of this local pastime.  As the syrup finishes off outside, we will head inside the Grand Lake Stream School Building for a Pancake Brunch, putting our finished product to good use!  For more information, please contact the Downeast Lakes Land Trust at (207) 796 – 2100 or email

The latest on the coyote hunt is as follows: Smith’s General Store has tagged a total of 64, forty males and 24 females.  Earl Smith has tagged the largest male at 43.82 pounds and Randy McLellan the largest female at 42.05 pounds. Partridge Meadow has tagged a total of 13. Allan Clark has tagged the largest male at 46.45 while Jeff Geel has tagged the largest female at 30.5 pounds. Two Rivers Canoe Tackle has tagged a total of 12. Jamie Kaelin has tagged the largest male at 38.32 pounds and also the largest female at 31.92 pounds. The Pine Tree Store has tagged a total of 16. Dave Tobey with the largest male at 40.2 pounds and also the largest female at 30.0 pounds. The harvest of over a 100 coyotes clearly will impact the white tail deer herd this year in a positive way.

At the March 9th, 2016 meeting of the following LUPC Board action was taken as follows:

It was determined that thirteen communities (UTs) had met the criteria set forth in HP 562 and the Commission approved LUPC staff’s recommendation that they be officially removed from the Expedited Permitting Area.  Among those UTs removed were the communities of Lexington Township, Highland Plantation, Freeman Township, The Forks and West Forks, Sandbar Tract Township, Rockwood Strip Township and Harford’s Point Township. In essence, these townships and plantations were returned to their pre-2008 status, i.e. residents are given the opportunity to take part in a Public Hearing prior to any decisions concerning issues of re-zoning. (Windmills)

On our short trip to Florida Jenifer and I staffed a booth at the American Rental Show in Atlanta, Georgia. This show had hundreds of booths featuring equipment of all sorts and party supples from tables and tents to space heaters and lights, a great way to see the latest in this field and plenty of walking exercise. 


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