Indian Township

Donna Meader-York

If you can even imagine! Crocuses peeking up through the ground in early March! The ice on Big Lake and Lewey Lake is out! It looks like springtime in Maine, it feels like springtime in Maine, so why am I skeptical? I suppose it’s from the years and years of experiencing down east winters. Regardless if it is a tease of spring or it’s actually here, our students are loving the warmer weather and sunshine. It is also the perfect weather for tapping Maple trees, as students in our Passamaquoddy classes are learning.

Kindergarten through grade 5 students were invited to the University of Maine at Machias to attend the Passamaquoddy Bay Symphony Orchestra’s performance of Hansel and Gretel on Tuesday, March 15. This trip had not happened as of press time, but I’m sure it will prove to be a wonderful, enriching experience for our kids.

The After School Program will travel to Bangor on Friday the 18th of March for the 2nd annual Science Festival. Although there is no school that day for students as it is a professional development day for staff, students in grades 3 through 8 have an opportunity to attend. This promises to be an exciting opportunity of learning for our kids, and we are excited to go.


That’s all the news for this week. Until next week, take care of yourself, and never stop learning!