Buddy Bench Donated to Woodland Elementary School

On Friday, March 18th, Woodland Elementary School had the honor of a “Buddy Bench” being donated to the playground in memory of Peter Mercier.  The idea of the bench was initiated by Judy Murray; however, many came together to help provide this special gift to the school. 

The individuals and businesses who made the gift possible included Woodland High School’s Class of 1964, Judy Murray and daughter Lori Croman, Gwen Diffin-Clark, the Mercier family, Baileyville and Princeton Foodmarts, Recreation Director Mike Boies, and Johnson’s True Value.  Also to help raise the necessary funds, Ryan Lincoln organized the softball teams that played in the August, 2015 Mercier Softball Tournament, with Wayne O’Neill being the expert craftsman who built the bench. 

The Buddy Bench was originally created for a very special purpose.  It was an idea created by a little boy named Christian who lives in Pennsylvania who wanted to have a bench on the playground designated for students who are not sure with whom to play, to talk or just to assess a situation before joining a group. He called it the Buddy Bench, a place to meet and play with new friends or old ones.  Now the idea has spread over many schools the United States.