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Dave McCullough


This truck has been donated to the Grand Lake Stream Fire Department. It is a 2000 Freightliner truck with a 3000 gallon tank. For a community that does not have public water, it is essential to have portable water, should a fire erupt when water is not readily available. A BIG THANKS to Dead River Oil Company for this wonderful gift. 

What unique winter weather! Temperatures and snowfall seem to have become lost this season. A little winter weather is headed our way early this week but with spring here the snow will only have a short visit. My rule of thumb has been, “after April 10th you can count on no more snow.” Occasionally my rule is not accurate?? 

The Dead River Company has donated a 2000 Freightliner with a 3000 gallon tank to the Grand Lake Stream Fire Department!! This truck will be used as a tanker to shuttle water because Grand Lake Stream does not have hydrants. The truck holds 3000 gals of water and will hold a 2500 gallon drop tank. This tank will hold water on the scene for our pumper while the truck hauls water.

The Grand Lake Stream Fire Department has been training as per plans for different incidents that could happen in our town. The fire department has been working on incident action plans for the town office to bring everyone up to speed if a town emergency should occur. This also will help the town emergency coordinator and county emergency coordinator if a major incident happens in the community like weather, fire, floods, and so on. The Firemen’s Association has been working on hats and t-shirts to be sold at the Pine Tree Store along with gearing up for the July 4th and folk festival events. The hats and t-shirts are now in stock at the P.T.S. The fire department is trying to up- grade the station to better serve the community and house our donated tanker. Many thanks to the Dead River Company! Also a Special Thanks to Gary Santerre for his leadership!! 

 (Speaking of water, do you remember sprinkling clothes with this item before ironing them?  Look elsewhere in the article for a clue.) 

Thanks, Colin, for the following: On Sunday, the Downeast Lakes Land Trust was pleased to host a Backyard Boil-down and Pancake Brunch, held at the Grand Lake Stream School Building.  DLLT Education and Outreach Manager, Colin Brown, presented the process of making your own syrup at home, tapping trees in your own backyard, and enjoying spring’s finest treat!  Participants were excited to see the maple sap boiling down over a wood fire and to learn all about this traditional New England pastime.  Everyone headed indoors to enjoy fresh maple syrup over warm pancakes!  DLLT regularly hosts free educational programs for the public.  To see what’s happening next, visit

Fishing Notice! Effective, Thursday, March 17, the 2016 Open Water fishing season will begin, two weeks earlier than usual, per an amended rule by the Commissioner of the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

Anglers are likely to find more fish available in waters that were stocked last fall. Poor ice conditions meant less time for ice fishing, leaving many trout and salmon that normally would have been caught in the winter still there for spring anglers. 

If you are fishing from a boat, the Maine Warden Service is urging boaters to wear their life jackets. Prolonged immersion in cold water can kill, and wearing a life jacket can greatly increase your survival chances if you are in the water unexpectedly.

The beginning of the open water season also means that the department stocking trucks will be busy. The department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife begins an ambitious stocking program in mid-April and by the time ice starts to cover lakes in the fall, over 1.2 million fish will have been stocked in waterways across the state. For more details contact IFW on the web.

I can remember dancing to the music of Paul Phalen as a teenager growing up in Calais and was sorry to hear of his passing.  Paul also grew up in Calais. Back in the 50s the Calais boys would go and court the St. Stephen girls and the St. Stephen  boys would come over and court the Calais girls. Either side of the border you could enjoy dancing and listening to the music of Paul Phalen. He has created many memories for people throughout Washington County and across the border and throughout all of Maine as well. 

Speaking of music, the State “Middle School Jazz Band Concert” was held in Newport, Maine this past Saturday. More than 20 schools attended  from all over Maine. It was amazing to see the musical talent middle school students have developed. The school we were especially interested in tied for second place. 

Ready for a brain teaser?  The bottle top of a Royal Crown Cola bottle had holes in it.  For what  was it used?

There are many Christian activities to participate in this week and will culminate on Easter Sunday. Let your spirit and faith be lifted this week!


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