Out and About

By Dorothy Johnson

Hold the presses. Before I begin this “Out and About” column, I want to correct a mistake. The Dennys River Farmers’ Market in Dennysville will not be starting until after Memorial Day. I must have dreamed that whole paragraph. I apologize for any stress and inconvenience I caused.

The weather for this week has been sunny, but colder than what we are used to. The forecasters are predicting a storm bringing 6 to 12 inches of snow to Washington County. This prediction has changed every day for the last four days. We may get a dusting or twenty inches of snow. I hope we only get a dusting because I have to be in Bangor Tuesday and my driver does not go in the snow.

Janice Ferry called to give me an update on Bud Ferry, former principal of Woodland Elementary School. He has a condition that made his brain swell and he lost some mobility, speech control and the ability to swallow. He is quite unhappy with his placement in rehab and wants to come home. Bud is a big man and Janice will need some help in caring for him. We are all hoping that she can find that help. 

When I was out doing my daily laps, I was surprised to see Kenny Seeley out in the hospital uniform of a johnny. Kenny was smart enough to bring his jeans and he was wearing them also. Unlike the rest of us, he looked good in uniform. Kenny and Wilma bring me some brook trout every spring as I hope he gets out of here in time to go fishing.

Town meetings are coming up on March 28. Most towns will be voting on town officials. Some residents of Robbinston want a change in their governing officials and have posted signs promoting that change. Many of the signs have disappeared and one family supporting a change has had their trash cans destroyed. Whoever is doing the damage has never heard of freedom of speech and does not understand that we still live in a democracy, even in Robbinston!

On the ballot, Jesse Demmons is running against incumbent Jon Stanhope and Danny Merrifield is running against incumbent Kevin Murray for selectmen’s seats. For the school board, Leah McLean is running against incumbent Joe Footer.

The members of the People’s United Methodist Church are working on the upcoming church supper on April 7th and the annual Spring Fling on April 23rd. More details will follow.

The benefit dinner for Kathy and Herbie Bishop was a huge success. The Perry Elementary School seatings were sold out. Some hungry diners had to stand in line for a seat.

The fishing season has opened early as the ice is out almost everywhere - Meddybemps Lake, Pennamaquan, Round Pond and Boyden Lake.

The Lincoln Memorial Library in Dennysville has added these new books: The Woman Who Walked Into Doors by Roddy Doyle (the life of a battered housekeeper with some humor added); Girl is Missing by Tess Geritsen; Mysteries at Risk b Stella Remington (Victorian detective stories by many famous authors collected by Michael Cox); and the Cambridge Thorn by Tony Cape.

The GEECA sponsored Good Friday Pilgrimage will begin Friday, March 25th at the Congregational Church at 3 pm continuing to Eastport and the Blakely Congregational Church at 3:30 pm and ending at Christ Church at 4 pm.

Special hellos are going out this week to Elwin Daley, Rhoda Lynn Leavitt and her mother who does not want her name in the paper, Diane McAlpine, Bud Ferry, Madeline Perkins, Bob and Ginny Fifield, Anita Lydic, Patty Metta and Susan White.

Residents of Woodland and the surrounding communities are planning for a celebration of Paul Phelan’s life and good works. I have not heard all of the details but the date is April 16th.Contact Jeannie Neddeau for more information.


Enjoy Spring: Stay safe and have a good week.