Robbinston School Board Candidate


I have put forth my name, Leah McLean, as a candidate for School Board. My husband Jeff and I moved to Robbinston in 2009 and we both love being residents and taxpayers of this wonderful town. I believe I am an excellent choice for school board for many reasons. I am a mother of four and grandmother of four. I have been involved in education for the past twenty plus years as a parent, educator and past school board member. As I work in a school which receives students from seven different sending communities, I truly understand the importance of school choice and support this value 100 percent. I personally value the importance of having the freedom to be involved in the most basic and deeply important decisions in our children’s future with their education. As a taxpayer, I also understand the importance of sound budget decisions, but recognize the role of school board member is to support and make decisions which are in the interest of our children and families in our community and to advocate for the BEST educational opportunities available for them. I believe when one is voted by the community to be a School Board member it is a moral and ethical decision to listen and advocate for those we represent, the children and families. In choosing to vote for me, Leah McLean, you will be voting for school choice and also a strong advocate for the best educational opportunities available for Robbinston students. I will also recognize my role in our community government and will do my best to always be honest and ethical in my representation.