“Allegiant” Entertains But Falls Short

By Kaileigh Deacon

To preface, I read the books in a flurried frenzy, that went as fast as the library could get the books in but hadn’t watched any of the movies until just before going to see the latest installment when I binge watched the first two. 

“Allegiant” picks up shortly after the events of “Insurgent.” Jeannine has been removed from power but things are far from settled. The message that invited people to go past the wall to meet the people on the other side has been heard by everyone but Evelyn doesn’t think it’s wise to go out there and shuts down the borders. This doesn’t stop Tris and her group as they are determined to see what is outside the wall. Meanwhile the repercussions of Jeannine’s actions and those who helped her are put on trial by Evelyn. Some disagree with the way the “trials” are taking place and the fragile balance of Chicago is broken when the two groups declare war against one another. 

If you haven’t seen the first two movies, don’t bother watching this one because you will be lost. As for those who have read the books and found the first two movies lacking in comparison, “Allegiant” will not change that opinion. It is specifically stated in several places that these movies are an adaptation of the books and while they maintain many of the same underlying themes and concepts, the storyline differs in many ways. 

The movie as a movie and with no comparison other than to the previous two doesn’t quite hold the audience the way the first two did. I found myself not particularly caring about characters in this one and found at times the movie seemed to drag on making its two hour run time feel a little longer. The acting was not consistent and much of the emotion I had felt for some characters in the other movies I found I didn’t have watching “Allegiant.” One of the most standout performances for me was Jeff Daniels as “David.” He executed his character beautifully. Miles Teller’s “Peter” is the comic relief in the film which at times fits well and then at other times feels a bit forced. 

The graphics were well done and some of the effects left your eyes trying to adjust. The drastic contrast between Chicago, the Fringe, and the Bureau are well done and help add to the story. The storyline with the science is interesting and a bit scary but not fully flushed out.

I didn’t realize that they had split the third book into two movies. Unlike “The Hunger Games,” “Twilight,” or even “Harry Potter” there was no part one label. They have simply given the second part a different name. While these other films left cliff hangers at the end, this felt like it was a complete movie rather than just half of a whole. 


My overall opinion of this movie was ok, but it was not one of my favorite movies. It was entertaining enough but it wasn’t a movie that left a lasting impression on me. I would give it six out of ten stars.