Calais City Council Meeting

The Calais City Council met March 24th, 2016, for its second meeting of the year. The previous minutes, treasurer's warrants for city, school, and water, and the departmental reports from Olver Associates were approved and the public hearing opened on the proposed upgrades to the MDOT traffic lights at the intersection of North and Main Streets near McDonald's. There were no motions needed. 

The city manager reported that the culverts were going to be purchased by the public works department at a reduced price, and that the pool fundraising efforts were going well. 

There were no reports from the finance, property, public safety, public works , economic development committees, and the school liaison committee will meet Tuesday, March 29th at 5 p.m. at the school library. 

Councilor Nixon reported for the CDRC, saying that the lighting bid has been awarded and the chair project has begun. The PBSO will be performing again and the concerts in the park. The committee has begun working on Octoberfest.

The city clerk/treasurer asked the council whether or not to list a minimum bid on a few of the tax acquired properties that have a larger balance owed than the property is valued at. With the consensus of the council, the properties will be listed with a minimum bid on what is owed. The manager also asked for permission to not demolish the property at 28 lincoln street but to put bid with conditions.  

The audit was unanimously voted to be accepted as presented. 

The council also unanimously voted to authorize the city manager to sign the contract with Pavement Management Services. 

The city manager was authorized to seek RFPs (request for proposals) for ambulance billing services. 


The Council then went into executive session.