History of St. Croix Valley to be Featured Through Google

By Lura Jackson

The history of the extended area of the St. Croix Valley will be featured through Google due to a recently completed partnership between the global corporation and the St. Croix Historical Society. The SCHS has been accepted as a Google Cultural Institute, putting it alongside rarefied company including some of the most distinguished cultural centers of the world.

Google presently has 1,098 partners from 70 countries that it recognizes as Cultural Institutes. Included are the Amistad Research Center of New Orleans, Gettysburg National Park in Pennsylvania, the Smithsonian National Museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral of the United Kingdom, the Academy of Korean Studies in South Korea, and the Acropolis Museum of Greece. The SCHS is the first Google Cultural Institute in Maine and among twelve in New England.

Each partner is capable of uploading any number of high quality photographs to create a virtual exhibit that viewers can browse through. Partners can upload and link original videos and audio recordings. The SCHS will be uploading hundreds of its most significant historical photographs along with images of its many artifacts and descriptions for each piece. Original film such as the Lewis Family collection will be uploaded along with audio interviews with local notables such as Louis Morrison and Ned Lamb. In the future, the SCHS aims to offer a virtual tour of the Holmes Cottage via the Google Streetview tool. 

“The partnership with Google is an exciting opportunity for the Historical Society to present our local history to a very wide audience,” SCHS President Al Churchill said. “It will require a good deal of work on our part to produce the photographic slideshows and articles, but we look forward to the challenge.”


The first phase of the partnership will involve an uploading of 150 photographs to the Google site. Once that is complete, SCHS volunteers will begin creating the virtual exhibits. A follow-up article will announce when the first of the virtual exhibits are available for viewing.