Town News

Linda Baniszeski

Happy spring from Meddybemps!  The usual up and down temperatures keep us guessing. The calendar says warmer months are just ahead; but then the calendar hasn’t really indicated anything dependable over these past several months, as far as the weather is concerned.  

Happy birthday to Ruth Doten on April 3.  Although you’re far away, you continue to be near in our thoughts.  

Rich and Patti Lentz (my sister) along with their Yorkie Emmy are arriving at their camp this week to do additional interior renovations.  Our families are expecting large groups of visitors this summer.  The Lentz’s are finishing sleeping areas of their camp accordingly.  

Meddybemps’ summer resident Carey James is in the news again with one of his high achieving students.  Congratulations to Carey due to his student, 17-year old Paige Brown’s national acclaim!  Carey is the husband of Diane (Arbo) James.  This time one of Carey’s students has won what is considered the nation’s most prestigeous pre-college science competition.   Brown, a senior at Bangor High School, attended the awards event with her mother and Cary James, Bangor High School’s Science Department Chair and Teacher.  Brown earned the “First Place Medal of Distinction for Global Good” from the Society for Science and the Public. The Washington, D.C. non-profit honors future scientists, engineers, and inventors. The award also comes with $150,000. 

Brown earned the award for her work studying the water quality of six environmentally impaired local streams with high E-coli and phosphate contamination levels. Brown is also currently developing a cost-effective filter to remove phosphate from storm water systems.  “She’s an amazing young woman,” said Bangor School Superintendent Dr. Betsy Webb. “The sky is the limit for her. She’s taken advantage of the high quality programming and the STEM academy; and she has gained the knowledge and the expertise to come up with a solution for water pollution. Really that has an impact on the world and also here locally. We couldn’t be prouder of her.”  

Pete and Liz Trouant traveled for visits with their family the last week full week of March.  They enjoyed pre-Easter visits with their son Dan and his family in Norway and her sister on the way home in Cumberland.  They got home in time for Easter events at Meddybemps Christian Church and annual town meeting.  

The melting snow and thawing ground has created a furtile cornucopia of smells that greatly appeal to Scuffy.  We can’t even have a decent, uninterrupted walk anymore.  Sniffing, sniffing, sniffing, and then she tries to eat something unrecognizable. Why are the most disgusting aromas and ‘things’ so appealing to our supposedly highly domesticated and refined little dogs?  I guess it goes to prove they are simply little wild animals at heart.  From her perch on the steps to the upstairs, she has a great view up the lane and across our lawn.  She often growls and squeels when she spies Toby, Terry Reynolds’ cat, passing by.  She has an equally agitating view of wildlife from her perch on the back of the loveseat at the front window facing the front yard.  She doesn’t mind the birds flying back and forth around the feeder.  The red squirrels and chipmunks are another story.  Code words, Chippies and Rusties, put her in a tither when she sees them or we alert her to their presence.  Who needs television when we have the plethora of wildlife and entertaining pets right in our own back yard.

It is wonderful to be welcoming seasonal residents back to the lake for the next several months.  The community takes on an entirely new buzz, and the lake comes alive with watercraft, fishing, laughter and fun.


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