In Memoriam - Our Edward

In Memoriam - Our Edward

June 10, 1945 - April 3, 2015

There are so many moments in the run of a day.

Those moments flash by and we stumble through the 


The ache remains.

Tears flow silent and endless at times

So many pieces of you given to all of us - selflessly.

You have become immortal away from this physical life.

Devoted husband of 51 years; sharing the load and the walk.

A relationship built on mutual respect and a model of a life well lived.

Our Sentinel, always standing guard and standing back.

Resisting the urge to redirect - letting us live our lives, 

make our mistakes.

Grandfather to the "Magnificent Seven" - 

how lucky they were to have known you.

You were their first taste of ice-cream and first sip of Moxie.

There aren't enough words to express the effect of your absence.

You are so loved.  You are so missed.




Eileen, Sherry, Ed Jr., Wendy, Melanie, Rebecca, Zachary, Wyatt, Sarah, Gage, Kael, Gracie, Travis, Paul & Scott