Out and About

By Dorothy Johnson


The past week has been a typical March weather week in Maine. We have enjoyed warm weather and cool weather, neither of which was in the extreme. We enjoyed the sun, rain, hail and snow. The roads were slippery a couple of mornings and some accidents were reported. Morning ice and snow disappeared with the sun.

Jay McArthur, one of my former students, passed away this last week. He lived in Princeton his whole life and was a strong supporter of the Princeton Elementary School sports program. He attended all of his children’s basketball games and was very proud of what they accomplished in  both academics and athletics. His family and his friends will find it hard to fill the void he leaves. Our best thoughts are being sent to his loved ones.

The Peoples’ United Methodist Church is busy planning for their spring activities. Their April supper will be roast pork. Patrons enjoyed the March supper of roast pork and their many compliments convinced the supper committee to do another one. The exact date is April 7th. The special dessert will be gingerbread and whipped cream.

United Methodist Women will meet on Thursday, April 14 at 11:30 and will have a hospice speaker as a guest. The group is also busy planning the Spring Fling on April 23 from 9 - 2. Anyone with any items to donate should call John and/or Jo Gallant. They are looking for books and jigsaw puzzles.

Anyone  thinking long term might consider donating items to the Charlotte Fire and Rescue volunteers for their big yard sale on June 25th

Congratulations to former Dragon Damon Lincoln of Baileyville who made the Dean’s list at the University of Maine at Machias. Good job, Damon.

The Dennysville Congregational Church will be having their first Saturday breakfast April 2nd. Everyone is welcome to come have a good breakfast and socialize with other community members.

The Lincoln Memorial Library in Dennysville will hold its first Monday Tea on April 4th. Everyone is invited for conversation and book talks.

The Lincoln Memorial Library recently received a huge box full of children’s books - picture books, storybooks and chapter books - used in the very successful New Book, New Readers’  program sponsored by the Maine Humanities Council. They are available to the children  - and any others who enjoy high quality children’s literature - now.

David and Larry Benner have been donating many DVDs to the library. Patrons may now choose large print books, talking books or DVDs for their enjoyment.

Jim Bergstrom and Helen Kelley have been helping out as volunteers recently. When fishing season gets in full swing, Jim will not be as available. The library could still use a few more volunteers. The children attending story hour acted out “Dragon, Dragon” at their last meeting. Everyone wanted to be the dragon and only one person wanted to be the boy who killed him. The children had a wonderful time as each had a chance to be the dragon.

Special hellos are going out this week to Diane Evans, Beth Merrithew, Bud Ferry, Jean Neddeau, Vicki O’Neil, Gail Moffitt, Anita Lydic and anyone else needing a lift.

Don’t forget the memorial program honoring Paul Phelan on Saturday, April 16th. Check the separate articles in this issue of the Calais Advertiser for more information.


Stay safe and have a great week.