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Most of you know that the Shriners’ Circus was in Bangor this past week. No one enjoyed it more than the grandchildren of Peter & Susan Casey. Kylee, Keegan, and Ethan had fun riding the elephant. I asked Susan if she tried but she denied it. I think she would have had more fun than the kids.

I visited Baring Gifts at Knock on Wood. My timing was perfect, Candy was making fudge and I got a sample of “rocky road;” my very favorite. The store hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 9- 5. Beginning on Memorial Day the shop will be opened 7 days a week. New items grabbed my eye but I resisted. 

Tim & Brittany Drew are now living in Alexander. They have a new home on Meddybemps Shore. Little Mason says he likes the new place.

Hopefully, you will soon seen new speed signs posted in town along with “Children Playing” warnings. Traffic travels too fast. If the speed is posted violators can be fined.  The Sheriff’s Department will be patrolling upon request.   I hope you will not be the first to stopped.

Let’s Clean Up Baring! Thank you, Laurel Perkins, for this great idea. Here are the details for those who want to participate: Everyone meet at the old O’Neill’s garage site at 4 p.m. on May 11th. Gloves and plastic bags will be provided. We will work in teams of two; one will pick up the trash, one will do all the returnables. If all work is not accomplished in one evening, another date will be set to finish the job. An evening event was chosen because week-ends are usually planned for family events. It would be appreciated if a few pick-up trucks can be provided to pick up the bags. The money from the returnables will be donated to the Baring Cemetery.  Again, thank you, Laurel, for taking the time to plan this. It will be a “first of its kind” for Baring.

The Baring Cemetery is presently experiencing some problems. As the overseer it is my duty to see that this resting place is taken care of properly and with respect. This week I was upset to find a headstone being braced up with a 2x4. I now understand the family did this because the stone has started to fall. Thank you to whomever took care of that. The stone is now back in a proper setting. The next thing I received a call from a distraught family member. A headstone had been placed on the family lot without permission of the family. That now has to be removed. I also removed a bench from the same site because I told a gentleman not to place one. The bench is at my home if the owner wants to claim it. At this point I am asking that:  (1) no one place a headstone without contacting me, (2) that no LED lights be placed on sites, (3) that graves be respected. If you clean your lot, please place all garbage in the dumpster provided, (4) flowers should be placed close to the headstone. It makes it very difficult to mow and weedwack when items (large and small) are scattered around. I am sorry I have to post this but due to abuse of some areas and by some people it has become necessary. Those of you who wish to donate to the Cemetery Fund, you may submit a check to Baring Cemetery, 69 Center St. Baring 04694. Any work, except The mowing is done by donations only. This year many headstones in the main part of this site need to be filled underneath because they are leaning. I appreciate any financial help you may offer. It’s a big project. Thank you for listening.