A Bit About Calais Middle/High School

Calais Middle/High School is a grades 7-12 school, here in Calais. 282 students are taught by 22 teachers and six educational technicians. They have a 54% free and reduced lunch rate and a 13.5% special education population.

Principal Mary Anne Spearin glowed with pride as she spoke about her school. “When the year began, we had a new principal, new superintendent, new secretary, and a new guidance counselor; we were a little nervous, but these kids, staff, school board, and community were amazing with the transition. Together, we were, and still re, very positive and supportive with the changes that have taken place. The school board is so supportive, there is at least one member of the board at every school event.”

Spearin goes on, “Earlier this year, the staff recognized the need for a Civil Rights Team. Without hesitation, four staff stepped up to the plate and volunteered their time to make sure that a team was created, trained and prepared to support the rest of the students in the school. That’s just one example of how the staff go above and beyond for our kids.”

St. Croix Technical Center is attached to Calais Middle/High School. This provides an amazing opportunity for students to see what options are available in different trades: culinary arts, early education, truck driving, and industrial arts. Across the street from the high school is Washington  County Community College. This allows for a partnership between the two educational institutions and the students have the opportunity for duel enrollment.

“We have a lot of groups that work together like NHS, Student Council, and JMG who together raised $1,145 in a community fundraiser, The Hunger Games. All of these groups were fully supported by the staff and students of Calais Middle/High School. All money was donated to the local food pantry.

We also have a very active Civil Rights Team and a Blue Crew, a group of student volunteers who come together and do community service. They also have a club called “The Dead Poets’ Society.” This group of students have a passion for poetry and any student who wants to join, can. Not only do they get together and talk about poetry, they are also working with students in grades 5 and 6 to share their love of poetry. Every organization gives back to the community. We couldn’t do half of what we do if it wasn’t for their support,” Spearin says.

If you want to visit a middle/high school that is completely  student-centered, Calais Middle High School is it.

Contact information:

34 Blue Devil Hill, Suite 2, Calais, Maine 04619.


Mary Anne Sperin.

Athletic Administrator: 

Randy Morrison.