Town News

Linda Baniszeski

It is already May -- finally! We are enjoying brilliant sunshine, and typical Maine spring weather with clear cold nights and brisk winds across the lake. During the past few weeks there has been rough chop across the lake with white caps breaking up to the shoreline.  Although I’m not fond of rainy days, we really do need the rain.

Due to a computer glitch, last week’s Meddy-news didn’t appear.  Apologies to everyone looking for the column only to be disappointed.  The following is a combination of last week’s and this week’s news.  Thanks for your understanding.

First the news.  There is a Mother’s Day Tea at Meddybemps Community Center, Sunday, May 8 following the Meddybemps Sunday Church Service.  Everyone is welcome!  Now no one can say they didn’t know it was Mother’s Day this Sunday.  You saw it here.  Honor your mother, grandmother and those who’ve been “like a mother” to you.  They deserve it.  Mine sure did, and I miss her everyday.  

Someone’s floating platform arrived on our shoreline this week.  Barry has it tied up so it won’t get lost.  Call us if it’s yours at 454-3719, and Barry will tell you where you can retrieve it.

Belated happy birthday wishes to Cindy Hultzulak who celebrated hers on April 28.  On May 4, Happy birthday to Terry Lord and Judy Ward Crosby.  May 20 marks Linda Gordon’s birthday.  Congratulations to everyone celebrating birthdays and special occasions in the coming weeks.

More wildlife has been arriving.  Rich Lentz heard and saw two loons.  We also saw them diving and swimming out in the cove. We have not yet seen our annual flocks of black ducks.  However, Rich Lentz saw them further into the cove near Reynolds Beach.  One pair of Mallards visits our cracked corn feeder daily, while the other pair alternates feeding.  We suspect they have nested and each one covers the eggs while the other eats. 

Other wildlife is on the move.  We saw a small bear peering from the Moosehorn woods along Route 191.  It was probably a yearling, and had a beautiful shiny, black coat.  It looked very healthy.  We hope it stays off the roadways and safely out of harms way.  Some deer regularly appear along 191 as well.  They are pretty smart, though, and watch for traffic.

While out in the yard this week, a bumble bee flew by.  Then on Saturday while walking Scuffy, we came upon a ground nest of bees.  Good signs of spring for sure.  Sadly for people, the black flies are appearing.  Good for the birds that eat them.  Such is life.  One person’s blessing can be another’s bane.

We are constantly blessed by the flocks of finches that have found our thistle feeder.  Beautiful yellow and purple ones arrive in droves morning and evening while on their feeding tours. Robins have been pecking away in the yards for worms and grubs.  

Karen Holmes of Cooper sent me some information about how the birds are migrating this year.  She reports, “... this is so interesting.  I am keeping track of migration and so far we have not yet had the chipping sparrows and others.  I have seen phoebes, tree swallows. Hummingbirds may arrive earlier so maybe your readers need to put out feeders earlier than usual as we have so little flowers.  They will feed on insects so maybe the cluster flies will provide food.  I have not seen many migrating hawks yet.  Broad wings and others should be coming up.”  I am sure all of you bird lovers appreciate Karen’s observations and information as much as I do.  Thanks Karen!

Barry actually saw our first hawk of the season.  It was sitting on the deck railing watching our feeder.  Scuffy scared it away.  Sally Ketchen has also seen swallows at her property, and says that Pete Trouant is putting up his hummingbird feeder this week. 

Welcome back, Pete and Liz Trouant.  They just got back a week ago on Wednesday from a two week visit with family in Arizona and Alabama. Pete said, “We had great visits but it’s nice to be home!” 

Pete Trouant has kindly reported on Meddybemps Lake’s water level.  He advises, “The water levels this year are the same as they were last year at about this same time. But there’s NO ICE this year!! There is about 14” of water at the freeboard at the dam.”  

Reporting on the annual town meeting, Pete advises that Tammi Smith, Town Clerk keeps and publishes the actual town minutes. Pete added, “I can say there were only 13 residents at the meeting, all 32 Articles passed as written, and the meeting lasted less than an hour. All the officials that were up for election (including me) were reelected for another term.”  How nice it is to live in a community where our annual meetings are drama free. 

The cove is also coming more alive all the time with the comings and goings of seasonal residents. It is getting more like summer on Friday nights around here. It was great catching up with Mindy and Chris Brown at Terry Reynolds’ home last weekend.  Mindy’s and Chris’s pets Mia and Yoda, a Puggle (beagle/pug mix) and Pug, respectively, seemed as happy to see us as we were to see them.  Also at Terry’s were Bill Doten, Jr., Dana and Patty Reynolds and Danny Wallace and McKayla (spl?).  It was a nice time with good food and refreshments.  

Corey McCray has been around his camp again this week; and Marc Reynolds will also be back again in a few weeks.  He sure has his dad’s former camp looking nice.

Finally, I urge everyone to keep their homes locked and don’t let just anybody know that you will be away for any length of time.  Sadly, a nice woman in Calais had her home robbed and vandalized while away on a trip.  There are some mean people out there, and we just have to be very careful these days; and extra vigilant about our neighbors’ properties when we know they are away. We are blessed to have that system out here in our little community along the lake.


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