Town News

Linda Baniszeski

Happy Birthday to Ed Arbo.  This is a big one.  He is 95 on May 13!  We are sure his family will celebrate him like royalty.  If you see him out and about give him a happy birthday hello.

Other birthdays this week include Debbie Demmons on May 15, Brenda Ward Shope - 17, and Helon Turmel - 18.  Best wishes to Debbie, Brenda and Helon, and everyone else celebrating special occasions this week.

Another very special occasion is the graduation of Ashleigh Reynolds from Husson College last Sunday -- Congratulations!  Her parents Rob and Sherry and sister Emily traveled to Bangor to see her receive her degree -- along with Terry Reynolds, Ashleigh’s uncle, and most of the Reynolds clan.   

More seasonal residents have returned to the lake to open up their camps for the upcoming summer (we hope) season.  Harold Hansen and Warren Leary are here.  Eric and Susan Olsanski have been at their summer home for more than a week.  I believe they have traveled the farthest to be here from Indianapolis, Indiana.  Just love to see all the lights in the windows again.

I wonder if the wildlife is as confused by the weather as we sometimes are.  In the past three days, we have experienced May warmth -- for a short time, and April showers.  As I write this Monday morning, we are back to March temperatures accompanied by high winds sweeping across the lake. Perhaps we are receiving all of the weather of spring simultaneously.   If the crane we saw the other day was still here he would blow away.  It was standing on Terry Reynolds’ float -- another returning winged friend from seasons past.

Despite the volatile weather conditions, the birds and squirrels continue to frequent the feeders.  One of those rascal squirrels chewed a big hole in the sunflower seed feeder.  It is a long tube suspended under the bird feeder.  I actually saw a squirrel hanging upside down gnawing away at the feeder.  “Well,” as Barry said, “that feeder’s shot!”   There are two beaver lodges in the Magurawoc wetlands on each side of Route 1.  Eagles are once again back in the Moosehorn Wildlife Refuge nesting area at Route 1 and Charlotte Road.

Many trees and flowers have begun to bud, only to be stunned by the cold nights.  Nevertheless, the forsythia, daffodils, fiddleheads and other flora keep appearing despite the evening chill. Last weeks heavy rains have greatly helped the dry conditions we have been experiencing.  Driving on the lane is no longer like being in a dust bowl.  The little stream that flows to the lake is once again singing its little trickling song from the woods to the shore.  All is well in Meddybemps.   

There is sad news this week about Bonnie Smith’s pug, Baxter.  He was a relatively young fellow at 8 years old, and quietly passed away on the way to the vet.  Bonnie’s mom, Tammi, told me “He seemed suddenly ill that morning, and Bonnie sensed he needed to get to the vet.”  Bonnie and Matt are devastated about the loss of this special pug.  He will be missed when Bonnie and Matt visit Meddybemps without him.   Deepest sympathy to them.  When our dogs are like family members, losing them is extremely difficult. They are very active in the pug rescue organization in New Hampshire. 

There is still time to get chances for the beautiful Victorian doll house. Proceeds to benefit the Calais Hospital Auxiliary.  The Auxiliary pays for many worthwhile needs of the hospital.  Tickets are available in the hospital coffee/gift shop from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays.  The doll house has a front porch, individual shake shingles on the roof and pink siding with white and gray accents. Inside, there are real hardwood floors, intricate crown moldings, and handmade kitchen stove, microwave and refrigerator.  You have to see it to believe it.  It is on display outside of the shop during those hours.


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