Music Teacher's Idea Will Bring Greater Sounds to City

By Jayna Smith

Many enjoy listening to live music and watching other performances, but without a great sound system, things of the like fall short of being first-rate.   For many local groups and organizations, funds are just not available to purchase such equipment.

Now, local music instructor Cynthia Dineen is seeking donations from businesses and individuals to purchase a new, high-quality professional amplifying system.  The pair of Bose brand systems she hopes to acquire are ideal for amplifying musical instruments and voices for singing or for speaking.  As well, the reputable brand promises to be rugged, yet lightweight for easy portability.

Dineen, who teaches at Calais Elementary School, said, "I'm trying to get a sound system for the whole city," explaining the difficulty she has with the lack of good, quality equipment for musical performances. "I can't do much on the (downtown) green because we don't have anything (for appropriate equipment); we have to piecemeal it together, " she gave as one example.

She also spoke of a recent performance given at the high school.  There was not sufficient equipment for all musical entertainers to be heard, frustrating for both the musician and the audience.    

With a new sound system, Dineen said other organizations and businesses would be allowed use of it.  This would be appropriate for such events like Music on the Green or annual meetings such as those hosted by Eastern Maine Electric Cooperative.  Details as far as if others would use the equipment at no charge or with a rental fee are still being worked out.  

Dineen said the new Bose equipment will cost around $6,000, but would certainly be worth the money.  "The idea is to have businesses, schools and community members contribute to this fund so that we all can use it."  So far, she said, Eastern Maine Electric Cooperative has committed to donating to this cause.


Anyone wishing to contribute or to obtain additional information can contact Cynthia Dineen at Calais Elementary School, 454-2000, or via email,