Out and About

By Dorothy Johnson

In spite of the cool weather, the green rain is falling here on the farm.  My front lawn (using the term “lawn” loosely) is turning green.  I have seen other lawns on the way to Calais and Woodland already green.  In fact, I have seen lawn mowers out and ready to go, but spring came late to the farm this year. Bangor is about three weeks ahead of us in greenery, and I have heard and seen that some farmers in western Washington County have pea plants coming out of the ground already.

Herbie Bishop has most of his garden lands turned over, but I have not seen anyone else with gardens ready to go. A few forsythias are in bloom, but they are not as far ahead as those in Bangor.  The leaves on the trees here on the farm are about as big as a mouse’s ear and that means it is time to go trout fishing.  I am hoping that Kenny Seeley is feeling better so he can go out and catch my fish this spring.

Madeline Perkins and Elwin Daley were both in church on Sunday after recovering from long illnesses. Rhonda Oakes plans to be back with her church family next Monday and we hope that will happen.

The People’s United Methodist Church will be sponsoring another wonderful roast pork supper this Thursday (May 5th) from 4:30 until 6:00 pm.  The dessert this week will be a variety of cupcakes and Freddie Sprague and John Gallant have already tasted some of the recipes and recommend them highly.

The ladies of the church will be conducting the church service next Sunday in honor of Mother’s Day. Then they will be hosting May Daze on Thursday (May 12th) a pot luck supper and a guest speaker.  Ladies of all churches are invited to bring a favorite dish and join us for a social evening in the church basement. Then on Saturday, May 14th, they will be hosting Rebekahs from across Maine and New Brunswick for a noon luncheon.

Many fire trucks and volunteers showed up at the former Lewis Johnson farm last Friday to put out a fire that had started and threatened some of the outbuildings.  The woods and fields are very dry. Residents in this area are hoping that this green rain will be a slow, soaking one that wets everything down for a few months.

The Calais community was saddened to hear of the death of Kay Gaddis last week.  Mrs. Gaddis was the mother of my classmate, Judy Gaddis.  Judy passed away several years ago.  When we were in high school, Mrs. Gaddis was always around our fund-raising activities with a smile and a joke.  She has been ill for some time.  Sympathy is being sent to her family and many friends.

The Charlotte Volunteer Fire and Rescue group is still looking for items for their huge yard sale. I will have more information next week.

The Dennysville-Edmunds Congregational church will be holding its May breakfast on Saturday, May 7th from 7 to 9 am. 

Lucy Keezer is back as an ABLE worker/employee at the Lincoln Memorial Library in Dennysville.  This position is government –funded.  Mrs. Keezer worked at this position last year, but took a five-month leave of absence.  She returned just as Larry Benner is preparing to take a leave of absence so the timing is great.  Mrs. Keezer will be working Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Ginny Wilde is helping Mondays so Tuesday is that only day in need of a dedicated volunteer.  However, any volunteer is welcome to come in and help at any time.

At the last Story Time at the Lincoln Memorial Library in Dennysville, the students chose a version of the “Stone Soup” story, and as they took turns putting ingredients in the “soup”, they had many novel ideas and lots of fun. The next story Time will be Wednesday, May 11th and the plan is to explore some Punny Tales like “The King Who Rained.”  


Special hellos are going out this week to Corey McIver, Avis McIntyre, Janet and Steve Johnson, Vicki and Wayne O’Neil and Lisa Farris and family.