Pavilion Added to Athletic Complex

By Jayna Smith

The construction of a pavilion is underway at Dicenzo Athletic Complex.  (Photo by Jayna Smith)

The Dicenzo Athletic Complex has seen continuous upgrades and improvements in recent years, with even more to come.  Most recently, just over the last few weeks, the addition of a pavilion has been underway.

Calais Recreation Director Craig Morrison explained the purpose of the structure.  "We're going stick a couple of picnic tables under it so people can get in the shade or out of the rain, and we're going to put a charcoal grill out here so people can have a picnic or a barbecue."  

The project, the idea of Randy McCormick, has been made possible by various groups of students.  McCormick's drafting students at Washington County Community College (WCCC) created the preliminary version on paper, with students of WCCC building instructor Jon Charters and St. Croix Regional Technical Center (SCRTC) carpentry instructor Stan Sluzenski  doing to the labor.  This has given the students the opportunity to learn the skills of the trade, all while learning the value of giving back to the community.  

Additionally, Morrison said the logs were donated by Alden Mingo, with Bob Moholland's SCRTC truck driving class transporting them to the lumber mill and then to the complex.  Calais ACE graciously donated the metal roof for the project, and the Masons made a monetary donation to the project.  

The pavilion project is expected to be completed over the next few weeks, but there are still smaller projects to be completed at Dicenzo Athletic Complex.  Work on these are all taking place at the upcoming community work day, and all require volunteers from the community.

Morrison recently announced that the second annual work day at Dicenzo Athletic Complex is slated for Saturday, May 21st, beginning at 9:00 am, and continuing on Sunday, May 22nd.  These days will complete the necessary work in the playground area, fill in cracks at the tennis courts, repair fencing at the fields, install foul poles on the fields, add park benches to different areas of the complex, as well as complete work at the basketball court, all among other things.   


For more information about the recreation department's projects and how one can help, Craig Morrison can be reached at 454-2761.   People can also visit the Calais Recreation Department's Facebook page to learn of programs offered and upcoming events.