Playground Improvements Underway

By Jayna Smith

Perhaps one of the busiest places in town from now through the end of summer is the Dicenzo Athletic Complex.  This area, which sits between the upper end of Calais Avenue and Lafayette Street, is home to the Howard Fox Memorial Pool, the Calais Little League Heald-Clark Field and t-ball field, a baseball field, a softball field, tennis courts, basketball courts, a skate park, and a playground.

With a substantial amount of funds raised for the pool and the extensive renovations currently being done, Recreation Director Craig Morrison said his next project will be repairing the playground at the complex.  Morrison said a community field day, similar to what was held last year, will again be scheduled within the next two weeks.

Many volunteered last year to help install new fence capping, repaint dugouts, and just do general clean up at the complex.  "The point of emphasis on our next field day will be the playground and the tennis courts," Morrison stated.

Right now, he said, the biggest problem at the playground area is where frost has caused some shifting and lifting.  "A bolt is missing in one space, a piece has slid down and now is sitting crooked," he explained.  "There was also some vandalism, but nothing that poses a danger to children." Morrison said the cost to fix the problems at the playground will be minimal and  "within the budget."  

"My goal on field day is to take apart the poles and reset them, then put them back together," Morrison stated.  This, he said, will help line everything back up.  Most of the problems are minor and will easily be fixed with the readjusting.  "I think there are just two parts that actually need replacing--a chain and a dome (used for children to look through)."  

Other planned upgrades for the playground area include new swings that will replace the worn, weathered seats.  Eventually, Morrison said he would like to switch the playground with the t-ball field to allow more visibility of the playground area.  Currently the playground sits in the back corner of the complex, just behind the little league field, and the t-ball field sits to the left of the little league field.  

As the only year-round, full-time staff member for the recreation department, Morrison is happy to report that within the next few weeks, his summer help will begin work.  "They take care of the fields, empty the trash, that sort of thing," he said, and he added that the trash bins were recently put back in place for the season at the complex.


Morrison urges anyone with concerns about the complex to call him at 454-2761.  People can also visit the Calais Recreation Department's Facebook page to learn of programs offered and upcoming events such as the community field day.