Used Baseball Equipment Sought for Area Youth

By Jayna Smith

Gearing a child up for a specific sport, such as baseball, can sometimes be a challenge for parents.  Often times, parents have more than one child playing, thus need to purchase more of everything, which can come at a high cost.  Even more, many experience great frustration when the season starts and it is discovered that last year's cleats and baseball pants no longer fit.  

 Some parents of players on the Calais fall baseball team recognized this challenge, many having experienced these issues themselves.  That is why the team, part of the Eastern Maine Fall Baseball League, is going to bat to help other area kids get geared up for the field starting next season.

 Coach Matt Vinson, who also coaches a little league team, said, "The kids are all growing and they may have a pair of cleats in May that fit, but by the end of the season just two months later, they no longer fit.  The cleats see some dirt and mud, but they're usually still in great shape.  We thought it would be great to collect items such as these and distribute them to those who could use them."

 Unfortunately it is too late for this season, with little league season having just held its opening day last week, but Vinson said Calais fall baseball will collect throughout the year and make items ready for the start of next season.  And, he said, items will be available for all local youth participating in any program, not just Calais Little League, and will be offered at no cost.  

 Vinson explained the idea came after the start of this year's little league season, seeing so many kids without cleats that fit, or none at all, as well as gloves that were too small.  "We will accept gloves, bats, helmets, baseball pants, cleats and even socks.  I'll take a look, make sure they're are in gently-used condition, get them cleaned up and the team will make sure they're shared at no cost to other local kids who want to play some baseball."


 Anyone who may have youth baseball equipment or attire no longer in use can contact Vinson or a parent of any of the boys who played on last year's fall baseball team.  Vinson can be contacted via email at or through the Calais Fall Baseball Facebook page.