Town News

Sally Doten


Monday, 5:09 p.m.  It’s starting to clear off after the showers. Did you know they had snow in northern Maine today? Snow! In May! I even put socks on and put my sandals in the closet. Just as they say, “If you don’t like the weather in Maine, wait a minute.”

The first annual “Clean Up Baring” was a partial success. A few hardy souls showed up to work. The crew started at “Baring Gifts” and worked their way toward Calais. A total of twelve bags were filled by the time they reached Game Refuge line, just below Downeast Disposal. Laurel Perkins told me she is planning for another work evening. The date will be announced later. Get ready to proud of our town.

Don’t forget that the Special Town Meeting is on Tuesday, May 24 at 6 p.m. This meeting is to elect two selectmen to fill recent vacancies. If you are happy with how the town is being operated, then you can stay home but you cannot complain later on when something happens you disagree with. A large turnout would be great; we need to be together on thoughts and actions. If you are nominated for a position, think carefully before you accept. You have to have a strong back to handle controversies. You need to realize your phone will ring when people are upset. You should be able to explain your decision and explain why or why not it was done. Be prepared to work. There are so many here capable of being a selectman; are you one? I hope to see everyone at this meeting. And, thank you, Mark Hornbrook for all you have done during this unsettled time.

Kayla Jackson had a great graduation party at her home this past week.  It was good to see so many of the Olsson family back in town and celebrating her success.

Happy Anniversary to Peter and Susan Casey today. It was a cool day to be on the coast near the salt water, but they had a great time.

Kylee Pelletier and Casey McLellan were around town on Sunday leaving fliers at homes. They would like to take your dog for a walk around town or care for it if you need a sitter. Let them know if you need help in this area. 

Recent visitors at the home of Alice Olsson were her daughter Brittany and family. They traveled down from Gorham for the weekend to help Alice with many items she had to handle. Family is a good thing! Also, thank you to many custom officers who helped clean and mow the lawn at the house. It was a big undertaking and much appreciated.

Just a personal observation.....I am beginning to hate political  ads. They are taking the enjoyment out of television. How much longer do we endure this craziness?


Did you know the cemetery was bought and designed in 1836? The first one acre was purchased from Royal McKusich for $300. Since that time more ground was developed: 

1844 - a road was built.

1895 - more land was purchased from S.F. Hayward

1921 - another track was bought from J.E. Hayward

1924 - another road was built and an iron fence was placed around the perimeter

As you can see from the short history a lot of work has been accomplished since the development of the land. Harle Winslow and Delbert Stewart worked many years to develop a map and identify the lots.  My parents were once the overseers as have been others. When I took over the “job” I did it for Dad. He loved the work there and along with many others of his time mowed the area by hand. Those old hand mowers had many miles put on them. When I was just a kid here in town, a lady by the name of Bertha Chase ran the cemetery. She hired the local boys to mow. Jim tells me 2 or 3 would go up and work the whole day for $2.00. 

Now, as overseer, I hire professional landscapers to do the mowing and trimming. I love that area and so much enjoy the history. There are entire families buried there that died from the plague (infants, teens and parents).  There are veterans from the Civil War, WWI, WWll, Korea, and Viet Nam conflicts that have their final resting place there. 

I guess you would say the cemetery is my passion. I want it to look neat and cared for at all times. As I have grown older and had surgeries I am unable to do all I want done, so I call on you, the families of loved ones, to help me. I need your financial support to keep upgrades done. The straightening of old headstones done last year cost approximately $3000. Trying to complete and care for the veterans’ area is another extra expense. The town allows me $3000 yearly to keep the lots mowed and weed whacked. I am asking for your financial support to allow more stones to be corrected, more trees cut down, wild thorn bushes to be cut, and more of the old fencing removed. 

I appreciate any amount of money you can spare or any work you can do. Please contact me at 454-2625,, or mail at 69 Center St. Baring 04694.  One more thing, if I set a date and get more organized after Memorial Day, would any one you be willing to volunteer some time and equipment to remove stumps and bushes? Let me know if you’re interested. We will get together. Thank you.


Well, that is it for now. Enjoy the black flies. If you’re doing outside work, pray for a breeze.