Indian Township

Donna Meader-York

It has been a bee hive of activity here at our school. End of the year testing, field trips, and celebrations are filling up our school calendar, which can be seen on our web site

Our Passamaquoddy language class has been celebrating Earth Day by cleaning up the community. Although Earth Day happens earlier in the spring, whoever claimed the date for Earth Day never lived in Downeast Maine where the weather is so unpredictable, and actually still winter. So, we celebrate it when it is warmer and dryer. Miss Brenda and Miss Regina take each class out armed with gloves and trash bags, and clean up the whole of Peter Dana Point. When a bag is full, it is left at the side of the road where Martin Dana from the Environmental Department, picks it up in his truck, and weighs it. Each classroom’s numbers get recorded. The following is a tally of trash picked up by the children, and the grades with the highest totals.

In first place, was grade 4, second place was a tie between grades 3 & 6, and third place was grade 2.

Pre-K – 14.7 lbs.

K – 5.2 lbs.

1 – 9.2 lbs.

2 – 26.1

3 – 123.8 lbs.

4 – 130.2 lbs.

5 - 24.5 lbs.

6 - 123.8 lbs.

7 – 22.6

Every single child that participated is a winner in our book!

Grade 8 did not have a chance to go out due to step up days at area high schools, but one special 8th grader deserves a celebration. 

Last week, after an appointment in Calais, Sebastian Moore and his mom Maddie went to sit along the river behind the Heritage Center and enjoy some lunch in the beautiful weather. A car full of teenage girls drove through the parking lot and threw their trash from McDonald’s out the window.  Without hesitation, Sebastian went and picked it all up and disposed of it properly. Even though Calais is not our immediate community, it is still part of our Mother Earth and Sebastian has been taught to protect her. Well done, Sebastian. You make us proud!

Indian Township has a lot to be proud of lately, mainly of their college graduates. It is a banner year for our community and we couldn’t be more proud! Most of these college graduates, at some time or another, were Indian Township School students, so their success started right here! The following is a list of our college graduates.


Frances Soctomah, BA


Noah Lewey, Associates in Criminal Justice


Shawna Carver, Automotive Technology

Brianna Dana, Associates in Criminal Justice

Irene DeWitt, Associates in Education

Tene Downing, Associates in Social Services

D Harnois, Automotive Technology

Dylan LaCoote, Plumbing Technology

Michael LaCoote, Associates in Building Construction Technology

Kirk Meader, Plumbing Technology

Stephanie Meader, Associates in Medical Assisting and       Phlebotomy

Daniel Smiley, Electrical Technology

Congratulations to you all! Some of you are working and/or raising a family while you go to school, and it has been a rough road to travel, but look where you ended up! Kuli kisehtultipa!

Also, at Indian Township School, two of our staff members celebrated their success this weekend, plus Miss Irene as mentioned above.

Sarah Altvater (Woog) received her Masters in Educational Leadership. 

Jody Andrews received her Bachelors in Elementary Education with a concentration in Special Education.

We are so proud of these girls who are an important part of our school family. Congratulations! You are both excellent role models for our youth.

Within the next couple of weeks I will be writing about the high school grads who are celebrating success, and our own graduating 8th grade class. Our graduation is on June 2 at 6:00 PM.


That is all the news for this week. If I have left anyone out in either list, please call me at the school, 796-2362. Until next week, take care of yourself, and never stop learning.