Missing Girl Comes Home Safe

By Jayna Smith


Law enforcement and community members were busy last Thursday, May 12th, searching for a girl who went missing.  

According to authorities, a 15-year old Calais girl was reported missing by her parents early Thursday morning.  She had not been seen since the day prior.

On Thursday morning, people were asked to avoid the riverfront walkway area so not to throw off the warden service's search and rescue dog with additional scents, and by early afternoon, with no further information on where the girl may be, many in the community volunteered to help search for the missing teen.  

People were instructed via social media to go to the police department where a coordinated effort in the search was taking place. Calais Police Department estimated "at least" one hundred people joined at the department and were assigned specific search areas throughout the city.  

Tradewinds Shop 'n Save was quick to donate water to those helping in the search, while Eastern Maine Electric Cooperative graciously photocopied posters.  

Many concerned citizens went door-to-door with hopes someone would have information on the girl's whereabouts.  By evening, authorities had no leads.   

Calais Police Department, overwhelmed with those interested in helping with the search, then instructed folks to coordinate their efforts with one another so that the department and other agencies involved could begin focusing more on wooded areas. 

Those in the community and beyond were relieved to learn that shortly before 7:00 pm, the girl returned home on her own.  Police confirmed she was not hurt and had not been abducted.  

The details surrounding where the girl was and why she had not contacted family or friends were not made available.  In addition to numerous concerned citizens, Calais Police Department was assisted by Calais Fire-EMS, US Customs and Border Protection,  Washington County Sheriff's Office, Maine State Police and Maine Warden Service.  


Last month, The Calais Advertiser also reported on a young male who had been missing since April 11th.  On Saturday, Washington County Sheriff’s Office reported 16-year old Dallas Preston of Dennysville was found safe and was back home with his family.