Town News

Cassie Oakes

“No news is good news.” Not so much when you are writing a column for your town.  If you have family news, an interesting trip, celebration, or perhaps bragging rights please share with me.  Folks tell me they love the column, but there is no column without your support.

The last count I heard for the Relay for Life (with more possible funds coming was as follows from Alexander taking the individual 3rd place was B.J. Wallace, of Alexander, with $586 and second place, BJ’s daughter, Lesliann Barnard with $1,409.  Announced in the top teams and Alexander 4-A Cure placed second with a total of $3,231. Thank you for all your support of Relay for Life and Team Alexander-4-A Cure.

The next AES summer library time will take place on July 12th (yes they are taking off the week of July 5th due to all the 4th of July festivities.  Lunch will be available in June and July but needs to be reserved by the Monday before library to have it available for your child).  The sandwich that will be available this year is ham and cheese. Please contact Rhonda Oakes at 454-2344 or Emma Hill at 454-3751 to reserve lunch.  Please have your child come dressed to play and do crafts and remember All children must be accompanied by an adult!

Church of the Open Bible had another successful Vacation Bible School, with lots of volunteers and lots of kids.  Crafts were made, songs were sung, games played, new friends made, yummy snacks, prizes for everyone, all while learning about God!  My nephew Carlos Jr. reported that he had a great time.  If you have young ones they may want to check it out next year!

Pomona Grange will meet at the Alexander Grange Hall on July 5th and the Alexander Grange will have a regular meeting on July 6th and hint for the Lecturer’s Program??  Think Strawberries!

Birthday wishes for the upcoming week go to Ken Poole, Ben McArthur, Nina Pederson, Fran Holst, Gordon Seavey and Dana Porter.

Anniversary wishes this upcoming week go out to Courtney and Kristine Henry, Rob and Amy Gaudet, Terry and Lisa Lord and Barry and Debra Malloch.

Good thoughts are being sent out to the following folks; David McVicar, Ron McArthur, Ed Cislak, Rhoda Leavitt, Lynn Hill, Chris Landry, Trudy Poole, David Carson, Chuck Seavey, Elwin Daley, Luann Durgin, Pete James, April Webber, JoEllen Gallant.

This week’s Lucky Loser at Randy’s Variety is Tom Bonner.  If you would like a chance at being a Lucky Loser, stop by Randy’s Variety and check out how.

I did my usual Beckett Center routine except for on Thursday when Mom and I ventured to Camp Capella for the staff training.  While there I met some new counselors and saw old ones.  They asked me and several other campers questions about what I like about attending camp and I said the activities and seeing friend. They also asked caregivers and parents what it was like to send their love one to camp and how they could make the experience better. Also while I was there a woodpecker hit the window on the main building.  Vicki, the cook, went outside to check on it and it was in shock.  After awhile, Vicki checked again and it had flown away.  It was truly a camp miracle!


If you have news for the column you can get it to me by email at or by phone at 454-2344.  Of course you always have the option of snail mail, 1328 Airline Road, Alexander, ME 04694. Until next time, stay safe.