The Great Ball Bonanza Will Be Rolling Through Calais

By Jayna Smith


Work continues on the new Family Dollar Tree. The building is situated at the corner of Union and Main Streets. (Photo by Jayna Smith).

For years, the Rubber Ducky Race was held as part of International Homecoming Festival.  Selling numbers corresponding to a duck for a chance at a prize was easy.  What was difficult, however, was planning the fundraising event around the appropriate tide level, ensuring the correct number of boats with volunteers to be in the water to round up the ducks, and capturing all of the ducks before they floated into the Atlantic.

Now, as a way to help raise the necessary funds needed to host this year's festival events, the committee has decided to host The Great Ball Bonanza.  This fun event is in addition to the committee's current campaign. 

Four hundred numbered ping pong balls are being sold at a cost of $3 each, $5 for two, or $10 for five.  The purchaser is assigned one number for each ball purchased.  On Tuesday, August 2nd, the day preceding day one of this year's festivities, all the balls will be dropped at once at the top of Salem Street, next to Camden National Bank, and will make their way down to a barrier at the bottom.  The purchaser of the first ball to roll through the barrier will win the grand prize.

Thanks to V.L. Tammaro Oil Company, the Great Ball Bonanza grand prize is 100 gallons of fuel oil.  The festival committee also has second and third place prizes to award as well.  


Numbers for the ping pong balls can be purchased from committee members Laurel Perkins or Jayna Smith, or at Baring Gifts, Camden National Bank, or Kendall's Fine Jewelers.  Also assisting with the fundraising with numbers available for sale are Miss International Homecoming Festival Pageant girls and friends Cassidy Carr (daughter of Mark and Shannon Carr) and Ava Croman (daughter of Erica Pike and Jason Croman).