Out and About

Town News

By Dorothy Johnson


Patsy Hanson and Ginny McKeil take a moment to look over their treasures at the big yard sale on Saturday in Charlotte. Other shoppers browse the books looking for a bargain. (Photo by Dorothy Johnson).

I have heard no complaints about the weather for seven or eight days.  Here on the farm it is warm, but not too hot and with low humidity.  Today the winds are taking off the edge of heat, but they are also contributing to the dryness of the ground.  At night I can hear my tomatoes crying for a drink and I do feel sorry for them. The Warden and Fire Services are warning about having campfires.  Just this weekend the fire departments were fighting a fire in Cathance Township and in Kingfield. We really need some rain.

I saw many former buddies at the Charlotte Fire and Rescue Auxiliary’s yard sale. Dana Hatton and Herbie Clark were cooking the hot dogs and just the smell had patrons ordering them for breakfast. Becky Varnum, Dodie McPhee, Genny McKeil, Patsy Hanson were there from Woodland.  Gilda McPhee showed up for the Calais area along with former Robbinston resident Ronnie Morrison. Peter Frost was helping with the furniture section of the sale while Thursa Sawyer, Lana Vining and Doreen Sawyer took care of the clothes section. 

Ann Carter was in charge of thousands of books while Tom Sawyer and Ken Carter collected money for the “treasures.” Eileen Clark and several other women were in charge of the kitchen and were selling sandwiches, homemade donuts, molasses cookies and really good-looking pies. The sale was a great social, dining and treasure-hunting adventure.  I brought home a box of books, some of which were cook books.  If we have another winter like the one of 2015, I am ready.

The report on the sale was that it was a success even though it did not bring in as much money as last year’s sale. Supporters did run it again on Sunday, but many of the workers had other engagements so all of the help was not available. Now the auxiliary is planning its public suppers of July and August and will be doing a supper in September for the bicyclists visiting the Bold Coast.

The Dennysville-Edmunds Congregational Church will be hosting its pancake breakfast this coming Saturday, July 2 from 7 to 9 am.

Thursday book sales at the Lincoln Memorial will begin on July and continue on Thursday through September.

After much determination and hardships, Isabel Libby received her high school diploma from Needham High School on June 3rd. She is nineteen and has been accepted at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut to major in business (pre-law track).  She is the granddaughter of Eldon and Miriam Libby of Baileyville. Many residents of this area have been encouraging Isabel through the years of her illness and they continued to let her know how proud everyone is of her at graduation time. Isabel and her sister Maria, 14, hope to visit this area for a few days this summer. Isabel still has her Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome daily and she would like your continued prayers as she leaves her doctors and the Boston hospital to pursue her education.  She loves mail and would appreciate any cards or thoughts sent to Isabel Libb, 133 Prince Street, Needham, Massachusetts 02492.

Grandmother Miriam Libby had a great birthday on June 16th with lots of cards, gifts, a birthday cake and other food and flowers. She also dined out and had a special call from son David Libby, who was getting ready to fly to Denver, Colorado on a business trip.

There has been a change in the time of the baseball scheduled at the Pembroke Ball Diamond for Sunday, July 3rd.  The game was previously scheduled for 5 p.m., but the time has been changed to 3 p.m. so the players may attend other events scheduled for the evening. The concession stand will be open during the game and again during the children’s games at the old fair ground. This is an “old timers’ game and any old timer with a glove is welcome to join the fun.

Special hellos are going out this week to Mary Ann Duvall, Pete James, Jeff Smith, John MacArthur, Issie Gibson, Jo Gallant and Paula Stanhope and to anyone else who needs a lift.


The area offers many choices for events for the upcoming holiday weekend. Enjoy the weekend, but please stay safe.