Law Enforcement and Citizens Stand Against Violence

By Amy Jeanroy

Many people read the news and only shake their head in sadness. A local man decided to take a step in the other direction, and spread the idea of peace. According to Brian Joseph Giles, the time has come to stand up against violence, and he, along with Baileyville Police Chief Bob Fitzsimmons, invite you to attend.

The idea came to Giles in light of recent news events and he wanted to show that there is an alternative. 

"Let's show that we in this area do not condone unjust acts of violence by police or toward police.  We are in this together.  We are all people who deserve to leave our houses and do our jobs and live our lives without fear of violence."

There will be a meeting July 16th at 2 p.m. at the Triangle Park in Calais, Maine.  


At this time, there are no formal arrangements being made. According to Giles "We are not sure what the setup will look like yet, but we will just spend some time to show we support all those that are hurting."