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Linda Baniszeski

Another Fourth of July Week behind us after much celebration, many family get-togethers, lots of fireworks and some visitors have already come and gone.  How good times fly.

 It is a blessing to see new generations of seasonal residents learning about life on the lake.  Ted and Carol Bloomhardt’s little grandson Elliott and granddaughter Hannah seemed to greatly enjoy a play date on Teele Island with John and Meg Rothberg’s granddaughter Avery Salamon, and Ed and Kathy Bell’s granddaughter Isabella.  What fun to see these little babies together and getting to know one another.  Avery being the eldest of the bunch was a great little hostess.   

Happy birthday wishes to Jean Campbell on July 14, Joyce Brown - 15, Carl Gordon - 17 and Janet Ketchen - 20. 

So far this summer, we have seen very few loons on the lake, compared to other years.  The black duck families have once again returned.  New generations bring their families to our shores, and the cycle continues year after year.  One Momma duck lost all but one of her babies to snapper turtles.  Each of the other two mothers have lost only one each.  Most are now nearly as large as their mothers.  Two yearling moose were walking down our lane this past week and then turned into the lane to Mike Johnson’s property, as reported by Rich Lentz.  We believe the mother kicked them out to survive on their own as she brings a new one into the world.   

Our visitors caught many very nice large bass.  John Lowry from South Carolina, Rod Shyda and son Max from Pennsylvania, and seasonal resident Rich Lentz were out quite often plying the waters.  Despite the rough waves and high winds we experienced some days, they managed to get out during more calm pockets of weather to amass a large enough catch for a nice fish dinner.  

The Courtesy Boat Inspections are now going on at Meddybemps Town Dock to ensure no damaging plants get into our waters.  This has been a well received and successful program.  We are fortunate that our lake continues to be one of the cleanest in the New England States.  Anyone wishing to become a volunteer Courtesy Boat Inspector, Meg Rothberg is coordinating the program once again.  Contact Meg at or stop by the town dock during morning hours and CBA Inspector Penney Lurie will provide more information. 

There are a lot of events occurring through the end of July.  Don’t forget the Meddybemps Community 175th Anniversary celebration on Saturday, July 23.  Please contact Dawn Winchester to be a vendor or for more information at Downeastdawn@gmail.  Donations are needed and appreciated for the silent auction.  The day begins with breakfast at the Community Center, outdoor activities, live entertainment, lots of food and exhibits.  

Saturday, July 30 from 8 - 10 a.m. is the Lake Meddybemps Association (LMA) annual Pancake Breakfast.   It will include muffins, fruit and breakfast casseroles, and a Silent Auction.  The following information explains how donations gained through these events benefit the health and beauty of Meddybemps Lake to the benefit of all who enjoy it as day visitors or residents.

 Karen Putnam offers “Huge thanks to Meg Rothberg and the fundraising committee for another year of successful fundraising efforts. Summer of 2016 offers new tee shirts and awesome auction items, as well as remaining items from 2015.”  Karen said, “Come out and visit folks while enjoying the delicious LMA pancake breakfast and silent auction the weekend of July 30--31st!  Help support our main fundraising event!  Think about what you might donate to the silent auction during drop off times Friday July 29th at the Community Center.” Some very rare items will include a gorgeous handmade quilt by Carol Bloomhardt to be raffled off at the silent auction by specific quilt raffle tickets!  Long sleeve tee shirts will be available this year with a new logo to be announced. LMA has a few remaining short sleeve tee shirts.  To complete a Meddybemps collection with the table top trivet offered in 2015, match it to coasters sold several years ago.

 Sunday, July 31 is the LMA annual meeting in the Community Center basement area beginning at 11 a.m.  Attend this annual meeting on Sunday July 31st to hear the results of 2016 water testing.  Only dues paying members can vote on elections; although all 

 For the 4th consecutive summer, the Courtesy Boat Inspection (CBI) Program will operate at Meddybemps town dock. The program is possible through dedicated efforts of volunteers and a funding grant from a partnership between the State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection and the Lakes Environmental Association. The 2016 grant funding was $100 less than received in 2015. Therefore LMA is donating the difference to support the CBI budget. In mid--August, a representative from DEP and lake members will conduct the Invasive Plant Survey at the Meddybemps town dock.

 From time to time, people ask about the status of the super fund site.  LMA reports that “Terrance Connelly, EPA project manager for the Eastern Surplus Superfund Site, recently competed a Five--Year Review as required by law, the third review for the Meddybemps Superfund Site.

“All of the waste materials were removed in the 1980s and 90s. Contaminated soils were disposed of at licensed facilities in Maine and New York. Periodic testing for contaminants in the Dennys River water, sediment and fish has been within Federal and State levels. Efforts to restore contaminated groundwater to drinking water quality have succeeded in the southern portion of the site and have reduced contaminant levels in the northern portion. There is no indication that contaminated groundwater is moving off site. Active cleanup efforts ended in 2013, but monitoring continues. In 2012, a plaza was dedicated commemorating the archeological significance of the prehistoric site. Mr. Connelly is interested in learning from community members their thoughts about future directions for the site. Mr. Connelly noted on May 29, 2016 that ... the vast majority of site cleanup activities completed, it is time to look to possible future uses of the site. The more local input EPA and MEDEP can get the better the path ...”  He can be reached at 617 918--1373 or and welcomes your ideas and suggestions. 

Further information regarding LMA activities to ensure reasonable lake levels and current Federal legislation in this regard will reported in next week’s Meddybemps News.

 All are invited to a concert of the Downeast Boys, Thursday, July 21, 6:30 p.m. at 2nd Baptist Church, Calais followed by a light meal and refreshments.


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