Senator David Burns Statement on Announcement of DHHS Calais Office Job Relocations

 On Friday, July 29th, employees at the Calais Department and Health and Human Services Office (DHHS) received notice that jobs are being relocated to Machias. Senator David Burns (R-Washington), issued the following statement upon learning of the announcement:

“The Washington County legislative delegation is very aware that is important for citizens to have access to necessary services that are delivered through DHHS. We want to make sure those services are not interrupted because of this decision. We also appreciate the loyalty and good work of the DHHS employees, and want to avoid any unnecessary burdens placed upon them. We also understand the need for the Administration to run our agencies as efficiently and effective as possible for the benefit of all our citizens and taxpayers. We desire to work with the Administration to that end.


The Washington County delegation did not receive any prior notification of this decision, and I was unable to get any official details about the decision before the weekend. Consequently, I have asked for a meeting between Commissioner Mayhew and the Washington County delegation so that we can hear what the Administration's plan is for delivering services to qualified individuals served by the Calais office, as well as learn the details about the reassignment of DHHS employees.”