Town News

Sharon Frost


There will be a CRH Golf Tournament at St. Croix Country Club on Friday, August 19th at 1 p.m. Register at 454-8875.  

August 12th at 7 p.m. - Organ Concert at St. Anne’s. There will be prizes, hone in one challenges. 

I attended our family reunion last weekend at the home of Paul and Wendy Hawkin in Pennfield. Over fifty dropped in. Tents were set up, the pool was ready to go and the gazebo was beautifully lit up. There was lots of good food served and lots of pictures were taken. Out of the 13 in the Eldridge family, seven are still living. A very hot day but was nice to see everyone.

There will be Country Night on Friday, August 12th from 7 - 11 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus Hall featuring the traditional country music by the Wildwoods band. There will be refreshments and a raffle sponsored by the Robbinston Grange. Sounds like a fabulous evening.

Thinking of you Rose Damon in Florida who will be 97 on September 10th. What a celebration.

Last Wednesday I dropped over to the 2016 Quilt and Tea Show at Union Street Atlantic Baptist Church, St. Stephen. Quilts and hang ups were beautifully displayed and such a variety of colors. They also had a craft table for purchases and a quilt raffle.  There was an array of beautiful sweets, tea,  coffee, etc. Ganong chocolates displayed on all the tables.

The Summer Musical Concert this Sunday will be at St. Stephen in Ganongs Chocolate Park. Ivan Daigle is performing from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. (Canadian time).

Ron and Loraine Voutour celebrated their 50th anniversary on Saturday afternoon. Their families were in attendance and a wonderful day it was.

The parade on Saturday was well attended though it was a scorcher. Lots of children involved, floats were colorful.

There was controversy about booths in the park being too expensive to set up and sell their wares. Something that can be worked on for the next one.

Guess who was in town, Chris Lindsay who lived here with his father and mother at the Angelican Rectory several years ago. His father will be 92 coming up.

The 51st Ceremonial Indian Day at Sipayik  will be held on August 12, 13 and 14 in Perry, Me. There will be canoe trips, vendors, health fair, museum tours, pageants, elders dance, booths and fire works. Everyone welcome. Bring a chair.

Ken and Jane Brooks performed at the Triangle Park last Tuesday evening with a good attendance. They are fabulous, a perfect evening with a colorful sunset.

Birthday wishes: Mary Brown, Kristy Calder, Brenda Prout, Shawn Yardley, Fred Becker and Rochelle Waycott.

The Chair Auction was held at the Triangle at noon. The chairs were super, small children size and standard. A good crowd gathered for the bidding, sponsored by Calais Downtown Revitalization Coalition. Mr. Demmons was the emcee and he did a good job.

There were vendors of jewelry, paintings, clothes, lemonade stand along the waterfront on Sunday. People were discussing about going back to years ago and having the sales at the Memorial Park. I headed that up for several years. With a cheaper fee, it was booming. The children could swing and use the slide while mothers shopped. Always had some great music. It was fantastic. 

Please call me on any further happenings over the festival week, company, reunions and will write it up. 


Farewell to our 43rd Festival Week on Sunday evening with colorful fire works as people gathered on both sides of the river to observe. There were events for the smaller folk as well as the other half, great weather, various eating wagons and a great support group that made it all happen.