Indian Township

Town News

Donna Meader-York

Friday, July 29 wrapped up 3 fun-filled weeks at Ckuwapon Summer Camp at Indian Township School. Three weeks full of learning, laughter and fun. Children in grades 1 through 8 enjoyed Shark Week, Maine Woods Week, and Olympics Week. There were trips to Roque Bluffs, and to Maine Wilderness Camps. There were murals of shark facts, Maine woods facts and the history of the Olympics. We learned how to weave, and how to tool leather, and how to bead. Our friend Natalie Dana came to teach beading, and for that we are grateful. Another friend, Kyle Lolar from Gedakina, showed us how to identify and pick sweet grass. We are also grateful to Kyle. Our annual Penny Carnival was loads of fun, and we raised over $200 which we are donating to the Faye Nicholas Scholarship Fund. But it was during our end of camp cookout that will always be the most memorable part of camp this summer.

We at Camp Ckuwapon decided that the children should be educated about our law enforcement, fire and safety, and emergency medical personnel, and the dangers they face to protect us, the forests, and animals. So, we taught them, and planned how to honor them. Each group of children created a banner for each department; police, fire, game wardens, and emergency medical, to hang on their station walls. They were then invited to be our guests of honor at our annual cookout. Once the meal was over, each officer, warden, fire fighter, and EMT was given an angel pin to wear on their uniform to guard them in the line of duty. We were so pleased with the turnout, and we could tell our efforts were appreciated by all who attended. Our main objective of showing our appreciation was met with the added bonus of helping our kids understand the sacrifices these people make every day, and with that knowledge and connection, we might just avoid a tragedy such as what has happened in other communities concerning law enforcers.


That’s all the news for now. Until school starts, take care of yourself and never stop learning.