Town News

Linda Baniszeski

Special Happy Birthday recognition is due to Bill Gordon as he has turned 90 years old.  He has had a lakeside property in Meddybemps for many years.  His family celebrated with him during this past weekend.  Blessings to Bill.

 There are many more birthdays to celebrate this week.  Carolyn Furlong’s birthday is on August 11; Bill Doten, Jr. - 12; Bob Gordon - 13;  Pat Dineen - 16, and Jeff Brown - 17.  

 In town news, four Meddybemps residents attended the Meddybemps Selectmen Meeting on August 2.  After a time of discussion, we were informed that a a Petition to Meddybemps Selectmen requesting a special meeting needed to be provided to them before a special Town Meeting can be scheduled.  The Petition to the Selectmen has been circulated, completed, certified and submitted requesting a Special Town Meeting regarding the eventual, permanent and deeded transfer of the Super Fund site from Maine DEP to another entity.  Selectmen are now required to set a meeting date and publish this information at least twice before the set date.  We are informed they will request EPA and DEP representatives attend the upcoming meeting to answer residents’ questions since no notice was given to the community about the July 30 meeting with these environmental agencies.  Information as to the date, time and place will also be announced through this Meddybemps News source as soon as established.  The next regularly scheduled Meddybemps Selectmen meeting is August 16 at 5:30 in the Community Center.

 As previously reported, Lake Meddybemps Association LMA) has endorsed the Passamaquoddy Tribe’s request to EPA for future ownership of the site. An LMA committee is preparing a formal position paper for EPA and MEDEP to do so.  The special Town Meeting is requested so that Meddybemps full-time voting residents are fully informed of this situation, options, and future legal ramifications for the town, and have an equal voice to federal and state environmental agencies.  Suggested Warrants were drafted and submitted with the Petition to Meddybemps Selectmen in an effort to legally establish the majority legal residents’ position in this regard.  My efforts in circulating the petition were not to force an opinion upon anyone else.  Only to make sure a special meeting is held affording year-round residents a voice in the process before final ownership and oversight of the site in question is established.

 Many of us have experienced momentary power outages any time of the day or night.  Jeff Brown phoned Eastern Maine Electric Co-op inquiring why this was happening.  EMEC was not aware of the issue and repaired the problem immediately.  It’s nice not to have to be resetting clocks on stoves and microwaves every few hours.  

 Our lake level continues to drop.  Rain is really needed if we wish to do more boating throughout August, September and into October.  The heavy rains from the violent thunderstorm last week helped some.  However, since ground surfaces were already so dry, it was quickly absorbed.

Jeff and Jessica Brown entertained his sister and family from Nova Scotia early this past week.  Patty and Dana Reynolds also enjoyed the company of a daughter with her family.  

 A flock of grackles gathered at our feeder this past week.  We’ve also had some brilliantly colored yellow finches feeding, and the usual assortment of birds.  Barry and I saw a doe deer crossing 191 within Moosehorn Refuge boundaries on Sunday afternoon.  We believe it’s the same one we saw a few weeks ago in the same area when it was attempting to cross the road with a fawn, and retreating back into the woods with it.  

 The flower beds and plants potted in the deck planters are doing well since they are watered regularly, come rain or shine.  Something appeared that I haven’t seen in all the years of mixing vinca vines into planters:  a tiny lilac colored flower.  It was first noticed when a hummingbird was drinking at the vine; leading me to wonder, what could it possibly find appetizing on a green vine?  After further inspection, the tiny bird had found the small flower before we did.   

 Tammi Smith’s and Janet Wooding’s vegetable gardens are flourishing.  The warm weather and significant sunshine have been especially good for gardens.


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