Out and About

Town News

By Dorothy Johnson

We need rain, but I have heard no one complaining about the weather lately.  The days have been warm, the humidity medium and the breezes gently blowing. The Calais pool is busy all of the time and the lakes are being used for swimming.  This is what summer is all about.  The news bulletin is that this is August 1.  We are receiving less sunlight and school personnel are getting ready for the First Day.  I am not sure students are in the same frame of mind.

A word of caution for those readers who travel around Eastport—Watch out for the deer! Sally Doten and I took a ride around the island on Saturday and saw five deer.  My niece saw more when she went down there.  We also saw a family of skunks, three young ones and a bigger one. (Mom I presume.) Baby skunks are fun to watch.  They play just like kittens.  Anyone wanting to chase skunks away only has to spread a few mothballs around their area.  That’s what my mother did when I was watching some baby skunks at the duplex. They disappeared fast.

Marion Hunnewell and Vicky O’Neil visited me on Friday and then we went to the Friendly for lunch and took a ride through the Hersey Side. Marion lived in Pembroke right on the water for several years.  That is a beautiful area.

I saw Judith Colemann in Machias last Wednesday.  Ms. Colemann taught English at Woodland High School in the 1980s. Since then she has taught in the Western United States, in Korea and in Germany. She has now retired to her home in Jonesport and spends time with her family and works on her art projects.

Sympathy is going out to Rick and Melanie Devoe and their family members.  Rick’s mom passed away last weekend.

Members of the Perry Congregational Church gathered with family and friends of Didi Hundley last Saturday to pay last respects and appreciation for her marvelous, generous, optimistic attitude in life.  She spread cheer wherever she went. 

The entire community including members of the Dennysville Congregational Church and residents of Calais, Pembroke and Princeton and gardeners and quilters from the area were sad to hear of the death of Joni Jones.  She was a dear, kind friend to many and will be missed at gardeners’ and quilters’ gatherings. 

The “huge sale” of books at the Calais free Library will be held on Saturday, August 6.  This sale venue of the gallery at the library is working out well for the Friends of the Library and they are hoping to keep the sale there.

Buyers of books are visiting the Lincoln Memorial Library in Dennysville where they are finding interesting books, magazines and jigsaw puzzles. 

The next dinner at the Charlotte Fire Station will be the annual spaghetti (Italian) supper on Wednesday, August 17th at 5:30 p.m. 

Readers are reminded that Peter Logan, the biographer of John James Audubon, will be speaking in the area on Wednesday, August 10th.  

Special hellos are going out this week to Deanna Brooks, Danny Galligan, Susan McCray, Gladys McCray, Gloria Smith, Jean Kneeland, Stanley Morrell, Dale Perry and anyone else needing a lift.

Travelers to this area are Joan and Skipper West who have been visiting friends in Woodland and Jean Perry Elsemore who has made her annual trek “back home.”


Enjoy the International Homecoming Festival. Stay safe and have a great week.