Town News

Sandra Smith

The Parks and Recreation meeting was Monday, August 1. Attending were Meredith McLaughlin, Jason Theriault, Robyn Smith, Jessica Cilley, Colby Ryan, and myself. Plans were set for Slip n’ slide on Wednesday. Bob Fitzsimmons of Baileyville’s Police Dept. threw down a challenge that if they brought the hot dogs and grill, would Princeton bring the rolls and drinks for a kickball game. We accepted and on August 24th at 5:00 there will be a rousing game. Initial discussions were brainstorming plans for Halloween and winter activities. There will not be a meeting for the next two weeks because President Jan Campbell and her husband Nathan became parents on Friday of a lovely little girl. Vice President, Meredith is in Ohio for a wedding. The first part of their trip they ran into heavy traffic and slow going. I opt for staying here, the traffic on Route 1 is enough for me.

On Wednesday, we had good weather for the Slip n’ Slide event. Park and Recreation members Jessica, Colby, Robyn and Meredith set up the field. Tony Ramsdell, Fire Chief brought the water. Friends of Princeton provided 10 pizzas as a special treat. Sharon Norman, Nancy Davies, Tammy and Hope Carle helped serve the very polite and appreciative kids. No leftovers for sure.

Thursday was the last day at the library for Becky Varnum. She will be starting a new job in the Edmunds area. The select board has reviewed applications and has begun the process of selecting a new librarian. As substitute librarian, I will be filling in for the next two weeks. The hours will stay the same: Monday 10-2, Tuesday and Thursday 10-4, and Wednesday 12-6. There has been a large collection of children’s dvds donated and Paul Doiron’s latest book is also available. His mysteries are about a game warden whom he has placed in Washington County in a few of his books. He is one of the better Maine writers of woods stories. At this point he has 7 books out. So, stop in, and borrow some books or movies.

Thursday was Princeton Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market. It was a very warm day, but luckily no thunderstorms. This week will be one of the market’s special events which will also be sponsored by the Maine Farmers’ Market Federation. It is called Snapshot Week. Photos are to be shared on Snapshot. Input from customers is always helpful to make an idea grow. You may be asked to complete a small survey while visiting on Thursday. A booth will be set up with local volunteers so children can color, plant some lettuce seeds and maybe have a wash-off tattoo applied if they so wish. Bring a chair as music will be provided by Noelle and Pete. The market will be selling BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches, salad and drinks. This will be our kids’ day this year. Also, seasonal vegetables will be available – chard, zucchini, beet greens and beets, cukes, tomatoes, lettuce, yellow and green beans, blueberries, cabbage and more. There is always a surprise or two from the gardens if the rain cooperates. (reported by Sharon Norman) Hope to see many of you there the same time and same place from 3:00-5:00 p.m. at Brewer Andrews Field.

Thursday we had Betty Welsh, a descendent of the Ficketts from Princeton, and her family took over our place. It was fun to hear the young children running down the hallway and playing outside. I was happy to make up their beds with all of their stuffed animals. I am sure Flora Belmore would have appreciated it. They were all here for the Fickett reunion. The last time it was here was in 1990. They all gathered at the original Fickett homestead on Leighton Lane. About 75 family members attended. Betty’s family had their own T-Shirts which everyone loved because they could easily identify which part of the family they were from. In addition to the usual great food was a bounce house for the kids and a hay ride around the farm. Betty’s parents were Lena Evelyn (Perkins) and Roe Kenneth Fickett. Roe’s father was William S. Fickett born August 21, 1859 in Princeton. She told me that in the 1920s they moved the original house from Ryan Road in Baileyville. They used a team of horses and logs. The house was pulled by the team to the edge of the first logs and then the last log is then returned to the front. Years ago I saw a free log cabin from the original Saddleback Mountain Camps. It was in great condition and we moved it from Rangely to Eustis over about 20 miles of dirt roads. A bit of a challenge. First we put straps around the cabin to keep it together. Then jacked it up at the corners to get some longer timbers under it. We kept jacking it up and adding blocks one at a time until it was high enough to slip a flatbed under it. Then pretty much reversed the process. Willis Butler, moved one small building here that we now use as our Cottage Museum and then when he moved out he took/moved a small storage building to his new place on the Bingo Road in Waite. Not quite as hard as with horses. Betty said her father had a dairy farm and delivered milk by horse and wagon. She had two siblings: Carl who had moved to Lee and had his own business, Fickett Electric. He passed away December of 2013 at age 91. Her sister, Lynn Hill, who is still at the farm, is 89, and Betty is 84 and living in Florida.

It was reported that one of the picnic benches at Brewer Andrews Field has been broken. There are makers and unmakers in this world and there is so much more satisfaction in being a maker. Hope this unmaker can turn around and become a maker. In the meantime some of Princeton’s makers have volunteered to help fix the bench.

On Friday, Hope Carle brought us Frodo, our new little Corgi. He is a feisty character and certainly makes us laugh. Jones the cat didn’t think much of him and gave him a good, back off, hiss. Our sheltie is trying to ignore him but he doesn’t pay any attention to that and our Beagle is just sitting in the window looking down at him with disgust. Frodo’s best pal is our yellow lab, Maddy. He naps next to her and pesters her a lot. She was not doing very well health wise, but Frodo seems to have brought her back.

Hard to believe, but the announcement is out from Princeton Elementary that school will start on Thursday, September 1 and that information packets will be out in three weeks.

Upcoming Events: Thursday August 11, Princeton Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market celebrating Snapshot Week with coloring, planting seeds and more for the kiddos; also Thursday, August 11 at 6:00 p.m. Friends of Princeton Meeting at the town office. Later events: August 24 at the Princeton Library at 4:00 another Interactive Story Hour; also same day at 5:00 the kickball game with Baileyville.


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