Town News

Kathy Mekelburg


It is with sorrow that I report that my oldest dog, Barry, died on August 4th after a year long battle with cancer. He was 13-1/2. This leaves only Bob and Beulah.

On July 27th, there was a council meeting of the Sewall Memorial Congregational Church at the church. Colin Windhorst read the minutes and Ron Windhorst was the moderator. Colin reported that the new windows need to be cleaned with vinegar and water. This is not unusual because there is a chemical reaction between the lead and the glass. It was decided that on July 31st, the sermon will be shortened to 30 minutes and the church members would wear old clothes and scrub the windows. Everyone worked into the evening. It was voted that Anne Carter look into established online fundraising program.  The screws supporting the ramp  are too small and planks are coming loose. This will be corrected.

Happy birthday to those born in August. Anthony Dileo III on the 7th, Tony DiLeo on the 10th, Miranda Moffett on the 14th,  Bobbi Henkel on the 18th, Kyle Johnson on the 19th, Bobby Lyons, Jr. on the 20th, Priscilla Myers on the 22nd, Jennifer Ross on the 23rd, Tanner Merrill and I on August 28th.


Happy anniversary to Mike and Cathy Footer on the 15th.