Sound System Success

The second and last Bose sound system arrived in Calais on Thursday, August 4th, just in time for the International Festival. While one system was being used on the Green for the CDRC chair affair auction, the other was employed on the Wabanaki Waterfront for aspiring young musicians. “It was inspiring to see how the businesses and citizens of Calais all rallied together to accomplish the goal of purchasing the two Bose L1 Model 2, with B2 Bass & Tonematch, sound systems, Dineen says, from the humble lemonade stand to the corporate contribution.”  In a little over 6 weeks, the goal was reached. It’s a testimony that the merchants as well as the people of Calais, want to fulfill the motto, “Let’s make Calais better.”  Cynthia Dineen, who spearheaded the drive, is also volunteering her services in operating the system for community events. We were encouraged by the positive statements received during the fundraising, such as, We are “happy to provide funds,”  “such a worthy cause,” “Oh, we’d love to give,” “We love helping the children,” “It’s a wonderful asset to the elementary music program as a tool to build confidence and self esteem in the students as each discovers the sound that their voice can produce.” 

Dineen’s first experience with the Bose Sound System came with the Lubec Elementary School’s purchase of the L1 Model 2 System, except with a B1 Bass module instead of the B2 Bass modules, for her music program there.  “It’s been invaluable for me.  As a piano tuner, I understood sound but not sound reinforcement, and besides, I had to keep up with the rest of the family who are all sound techies.”

We’re looking forward to many happy ears for many happy years!  “Congratulations, Calais.” Dineen says.  There is a sound system account at Rick’s Cans for those who would like to help purchase additional microphones & stands, cables & etc.


A big thanks to the following contributors who made this possible: City of Calais, Donovan Construction, Walmart, Joyce Maker, Calais Motor Inn, Machias Savings Bank, Peter & Brandi Cline, Jason & Elaine McGlaughlin, Dr. E. Paul & Joan Emery, Tradewinds Market, Calais Veterinary Clinic , Maine Community College (WCCC), Sydney & Nancy Unobskey, Eastern Maine Electric, Edward Hogan, Pratt Chevrolet, Timothy James (Cabin Fever), Lee Farrar, Yancy's Restaurant, International Motel, Calais Elementary PTO, Calais Press, Fletcher, Mahar & Clark, Border Electric, Calais ACE Homecenter, William Condon (Downeast Pawn), Roger’s Auto, Hope McGlaughlin, Lemonade Stand: Baylee Burgess & Svetlana Fortune, Cherry Knowles, Ruth MacKechnie, Rosalie Woodward, Bonnie Johnson, Gallery 207, Grampy Bill’s, Package Depot, Rent - A - Center, St. Croix Country Club, Sandwich Man, Rite Aid, Volunteers for the bottle drive & all the other individuals, too many to name.