Annual Spaghetti Dinner at the Charlotte Fire Station

The Charlotte cooks are getting prepared for the annual Spaghetti Dinner at the Fire Station on Wednesday, August 17. The firemen will lend an essential hand by cooking the pasta outside in the parking lot.  It’s always a popular dinner and has folks busy keeping all the elements available for the hungry customers.  Besides various kinds of spaghetti and several types of spaghetti sauce, there will be many salads, rolls, garlic bread, pies, and cakes. 

The dinner officially begins at 5:30 p.m., but it’s wise to be there ahead, if you want to be sure of finding the seating you prefer.  Weather permitting, there will also be picnic tables outside, so everyone should be able to find a place to their liking. As usual, there will also be the popular raffles of every sort of thing imaginable.  

This will be the final public dinner for the summer, since the auxiliary is going to be very taken up with the challenge of feeding over 400 bikers, participating in Bike Maine.  We will be the “luncheon” stop and have been asked to have food poised to feed the pedalers over a period of a few hours, as they arrive in periodic groups.  If anyone has a yen to assist with the project, they should speak with Eileen Clark and see what is needed.


The department and auxiliary truly appreciates the support they receive for their dinners, from the preparers, as well as the diners.  Our last event for the year, as always, will be the Craft Fair on Saturday, Nov. 5th at the Charlotte School.  This will also be the location of a special benefit dinner for Gordy Carr on Saturday, August 20th.  Hope to see you for all these great gatherings for such enjoyable times and such great causes.