Town News

Sally Doten


Here we go again...more news from the Baring home-front. Bet you can barely wait to read what I do or do not know.

Congratulations to Kobe Saunders, son of Larry Saunders of Baring and Jayna Smith of Calais. Kobe was invited by the Boston Red Sox to announce the players at Sunday’s game. Way to go, Kobe. You’re a great representative from Maine.

Rick and Judy Keen along with son Richard have returned home to Maryland after visiting family members in this area. I hope they enjoy that 100 degree weather they’re returning to. I will stay in Maine, thank you very much.

Dale Wunder of Holden and Jamie Wunder of Ellsworth along with her daughter Harper were here with us for two days. They came home to attend the funeral of their grandmother Marjorie Cook.  Since we only have a two bedroom home, it was a little “iffy” as to where everyone would sleep. I had one on each couch and two in the bedroom. One couch also provided a space for “Sophie,” the black lab to cuddle. It was a little crowded but it was family and that’s all that matters.

On Thursday, Sandra Sherrard and I traveled to Bangor for medical appointments. Mine was at noon; hers at 2:15. It was the hottest day of the summer in Bangor and because of a fire alarm at the EMHC Health Mall on Union Street, I had the opportunity to walk from the back of the complex to the parking lot in front. It was not a pleasant stroll! I immediately got the A/C on in the car before driving back to pick up Sandra. I don’t know how long the staff had to remain outside the building, but I do know my heart ached for those in that heat. Other than that, it was a good trip.

Sorry to report that Judy Antoniello suffered a bad fall at her home last week. She tripped and fell on the kitchen floor putting her shoulder out of joint, blackening her eye, and bumping her head. V.L. Tammaro’s crew was working at the home and helped her up. Her nephew took her to the ER and then she went into the surgical wing to have the shoulder pushed back into alignment. You would think that would be enough for anyone but not Judy. Friday morning before she got out of bed the shoulder slipped out of joint again. Back to the ER and the OR! Hopefully, she will be feeling better soon and back to good health.

Sympathy is extended to the families of Terri Ryan Danse and Bobby Poole; both passed away this week. My thoughts are with the families.

I would like to say “thank you” for all of the compliments I have received from readers of the Advertiser.  Someone told me the other day that she read the Baring news first and then the rest of the paper.  I am thankful that I can make you smile with my crazy rantings. I love writing! I could ramble on forever but really don’t want to lose my readers. Again, thank you and I will do this again next week just for you.