Town News

Sandra Smith

Monday, August 8, as substitute librarian, I was at the Princeton Library. It was a busy day with movie returns and those using the computers. A reminder to anyone having overdue library books or movies, to bring them in. The library does not charge a fee but we are a small library and if a book or movie is kept out of circulation for others, it is not a good thing.

Then at 7:00 p.m., we had our Let’s Talk About It Book Club. The book for this week was “Papa Martel” by Gerard Robichaud. The book was originally published in 1961 and although fiction, was based on the French Canadian descendants who settled in Lewiston. It gave a glance back to the past covering the family from 1919-1937. Family is family but outside influences are different from now. Sometimes our club members don’t always agree if they like a certain book but everyone really liked this one. Our last meeting is on Monday, August 22 and the book we are reading, “The Girl Who Would be Russian” by Willis Johnson, is about a Russian community. Our facilitator is Dr. Collin Windhorst from Dennysville. Note that he will be will be presenting at the School House in Grand Lake Stream on Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. a short illustrated account of John James Audubon’s visits Down East in 1832 and 1833, to Dennysville and Eastport, respectively, in preparation for his famous expedition to Labrador. Audubon actually stayed with the Lincoln family in Dennysville while visiting Eastport in August of 1832 and returned the following spring before embarking on a three-month voyage to discover and record the birds of the Labrador coast. There is a new book about his life by Peter Logan titled “Audubon, America’s Greatest Naturalist and His Voyage of Discovery to Labrador”. A display of Audubon items is being shown at the Academy Vestry Museum in Dennysville which is open from 1-4 p.m. on Saturdays through Labor Day.

Wednesday, we had a Library Committee meeting at 5:00 p.m. at the library. Interviews for the applicants for a new librarian are scheduled for Tuesday, August 16 and so the hope is to have a new librarian in place soon. Plans for paving and ceiling work will most likely be carried out in the fall. On August 24, a group of students from Bowdoin College will be doing volunteer work at the library. Depending on the weather, they will stain the front porch, walkway or wash the building. Also note that the Interactive Program originally scheduled for the 24th is cancelled due to a conflict with the kickball activity.

On Thursday, at the library, we had a nice visit from Donald Bailey and his wife. They now live in Florida. They were very impressed with the library and purchased Nancy Marshall’s “Princeton Remembered” DVDs. I remembered learning about him when I did the research for the history of the Princeton Fire Department. He was fire chief of the department from 1995 to 2002. He also told me that he had helped start the fire department for the Indian Township. Our current Fire Chief, Tony Ramsdell, had a Fire Fighter meeting on Tuesday featuring a CPR Training session.

Thursday, was a major event at the Princeton Farmers’ and Artisans’ market to celebrate Snap Shot Week as part of the Maine Farmer’s Market Federation. Nicole and Peter Gould provided music along with some members of the new Grand Lake Stream Ukulele group. Joe and Wayne from the Waite General Store provided pulled pork sandwiches and a salad. It was our busiest market yet with enthusiastic buyers for tomatoes, cabbage, green and yellow beans, cucumbers, squash, kale, chard, lettuce, peppers and blueberries. Nancy Davies reported they ran out of veggies and went home to bring back some more. Jessica Cilley from Parks and Recreation organized the coloring, planting and wash off tattoos for the kids (I got one too for fun). Helpers included the Edgerly Family and Tammy and Hope Carle. The market federation asked loyal customers to answer a few short questions on a survey. The survey will help them gather vital data about the role and economic impact of farmers’ markets in Maine. Look for the Maine Farmers’ Market Annual Report this fall for the big picture.

Thursday also was the Friends of Princeton Meeting at 6:00 at the town office. Members attending were Sharon Norman, Nancy Davies, Sue Storey and Keith Damon. Sue and Keith reported that their hours at Delilah’s will be changing to M-F 4-8 and Saturday and Sunday 11-8. Sharon reported the following: the donations in memory of Dwight Ferry that were received have already been put to good use. Mr. Ferry, as many of you know, was a loved principal for many years. Children were very important to him. Last week, Friends purchased and served pizza to the children and parents who attended the Princeton Parks & Recreation Slip-n-Slide Kickball Event. What a fun activity to watch. The laughter heard throughout the field would have made Mr. Ferry smile. Also, when the time is right, new plants and shrubs will be planted at Legacy Square from these donations. Dwight, being a veteran himself, was very appreciative of the monument dedicated to war veterans. He felt the monument is a great testament to these men and women and so wished to make a contribution. In a way of explanation, Dwight was very humbled by the monument. Thank you does not seem like enough from Friends but for now – Thank you to the Ferry Family. The Friends next sponsored event will the tea at the Bellmard on Saturday, September 10th. The theme for this year will be dedicated to our veterans and all donations will go to the Legacy Square Monument Park. Also we had a discussion about the Treats on Wheels in October and it not being too soon to think about the Christmas tree lighting.

I know that a lot of folks in Princeton appreciate a good story. A guest from Pennsylvania told us a couple of good ones. (recounted with his permission) One night his parents heard a commotion out by their spring on their farm. Their two dogs were out there barking. So they went out to check and the dogs had treed something. His mother, Honey, said, “Oh just make the dogs happy and shoot up the tree,” his father said, Well you don’t know what’s up there.” She said, “Oh just do it.” But he didn’t. The next morning, their neighbor came by and said, “Did you see the big bear in your tree by the spring?” and his father said to his mother, “See, Honey, I told you don’t just shoot up in a tree.” The second was about he and his father and how they went boar hunting in Tennessee with another fellow. They brought back three heads and his father had them mounted and on display in his gun shop. Well one day his father came into breakfast and told Honey, “Someone broke into the shop and there is blood on the teeth of the boars’ heads.” Honey said, “Those boars are dead, they wouldn’t attack anyone,” then she said but some of the local girls are hard up and maybe they kissed the boars.” (she had put lipstick on their teeth).

Princeton’s Hope Carle has organized the 1st Annual Tractor Supply Goat Fun Show on Saturday, August 20 at the Calais Tractor Supply starting at 10:00 a.m. There are six categories: PeeWee 3-5 yrs old; Junior 6-9 yrs old; Intermediate 10-13 yrs old; Senior 14-18 yrs old; Adult 18 yrs and over; and Tractor Supply Employee. The classes are showmanship; costume; egg and spoon and an obstacle course. Prizes of coupons for ice cream have been donated by the Old School Family Restaurant and Machias Savings Bank donated water bottles for the costume event. Lots of Tots has donated Candy Jars for the showmanship event and the judges. Tractor Supply is donating for the egg and spoon and obstacle course events. All children should be accompanied by an adult and this is an at your own risk show. For more information call Hope at 207-904-9989.

And on Wednesday, August 24 at 5:00 p.m. at Brewer Andrews Field, there will be a kickball game with Baileyville. All invited. Bob Fitzsimmons of Baileyville’s Rec. Dept. will be grilling hot dogs and Princeton Parks and Rec. Committee will be bringing the rolls and drinks.


To send me news, just drop me a note or give me a call after 10:00 a.m. at 796-2261. So far no one has sent me any news; so the first person that does will get one of my Bellmard Inn Cookbooks.