CDRC Sponsors “Create Your Scarecrow” Competition for October

Calais Downtown Revitalization Coalition (CDRC) is sponsoring a “Create Your Scarecrow” competition for entire month of October as part of its annual Scarecrow Fest. Anyone can participate, whether you are an organization, church, school class, individual, or business. Here’s your chance to be super creative and have fun, too. There is no fee. 

This annual event becomes more and more popular every year and CDRC is hoping for even more participants this year. 

To receive guidelines, register, and be assigned a lamp post, you can contact Diane Hunnewell at 214-6581 or Carole at the Calais Bookshop, 454-1110.  You will secure your scarecrow frame to the assigned lamppost with zip ties provided by the CDRC scarecrow committee. Winners will be selected by popular vote and announced on Oct. 29.


So, come on downtown and scare us with your scarecrow creation! We’re looking forward to  it.