Town News

Sharon Frost


Full Harvest Moon: September 16th

Sept. 16: POW/MIA Recognition Day

Sept. 17: Citizenship Day

Sept. 18  1947: - US Air Force established

The cemetery is looking great, lots of walkers. 

Quilt show by St. Croix International Quilters at First Congregational Church. Friday, Sept. 23, 1 - 6 pm, Saturday, Sept. 24, 9 - 3. If you have never attended one, it is very exciting to see the time and colors they have put into the work. You’ll love them all. There will be refreshments vendors, raffles and lots more.

In 1993 the news stand price for one year for Yankee Magazine was $29.94. Our price $10. The American Legion will met on September 19th at St. Anne’s Hall.

I notice people are decorated for Halloween already, a bit of a rush, the weeks are passing by quickly, need rain for the leaves.

Sorry to hear the passing of Ilene O’Hara’s sister. She was a lovely lady.

The Perkins on Lincoln Street sure have a lovely variety of flower gardens. Still hearing about the great class reunion gathering at their home. 

Fran Mulcahy and I drove to Lubec last week. The stores were all closed. Not much stirring. We took this side road Dead End, some beautiful homes set off the road overlooking the bay. Nice gardens, peaceful. From there we drove into Machias and had breakfast over to Roques Bluff, beautiful homes there. The tide was coming in, clear views overlooking the waters. From there we journeyed back to Charlotte. A perfect day though very hot and humid.

Charlotte County Fall Fair at Ganong Nature Park on September 17 and 18th.

The Valley Gospel Singers are the special guests at Upper Mills United Church at 1 pm (Canadian) on September 18th. My favorite group.

Great gathering at St. Anne’s on Sunday. Still have some quilt raffles left to sell and final stages of Applefest. Something for everyone. Starts at 7 am on Saturday, September 24th. 

I watched a heart breaking program on Saturday all about 911. It doesn’t seem possible it has been 15 years. So sad!

Quote: He that wrestles with us, strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.

People who say it can’t be done are often interrupted by the person doing it.”

Rose Damon called me from Florida a couple of days ago. She just turned 97. Sharp as a tack. God bless her.


Time To Cut The Cake: Keith Ewer, Cherry Knowles, Diane King, Breanna Black, Pauline McFadden, Isaac Johnson, Diane Richendollar, Alex Doten, Bill Gibson (Milltown), Sally Smith.