Calais Man Jailed For Crossing St. Croix River on Air Mattress

By Amy Jeanroy

A Calais man was arrested Wednesday, for using an air mattress to float across the St. Croix River into New Brunswick. 

John Bennett, 25, of Calais, Maine, told officers that he was trying to get to his pregnant Canadian girlfriend. 

Bennett was denied entry into Canada because he was facing mischief charges, which prompted him to buy the air mattress and attempt to enter New Brunswick illegally. 

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Bennett had purchased the air mattress at the Calais Walmart, and then floated across the river using a piece of wood as a paddle. 


Bennett was charged with failing to appear at the border crossing as required by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. He was sentenced to two months in jail, and will be deported once he completes his sentence.