Did You Know?

Did you know that nearly 80% of the population in Washington County, 25 years of age or older, has a High School Diploma, but only 14.2% have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher? The high school graduation rate is significantly higher than the state average, 89.3% vs. 86.4% statewide (Maine Department of Education, 2013), but the percent of residents with educational attainment beyond high school falls off sharply in comparison with the statewide data. Washington County’s low rate of post-secondary degree attainment, described above, is directly related to the economic condition of its families who are living in one of the most disadvantaged counties in Maine. Educational attainment has a major impact on family income.

Adult students’ access to educational and work skills training opportunities, including current employment demands, lack of transportation, expense, and a reluctance/insecurity of going “back to school” are significant barriers to concrete educational achievements that have the potential to pull families out of poverty, Washington County is geographically larger than the state of Rhode Island and is home to one of the most dispersed, low-density population in all of New England with limited resources to help overcome these geographic and demographic realities.

Did you know that there is a county-wide Adult Education program in Washington County?  Anyone can complete their HiSET (formerly GED) high school completion diploma, upgrade skills for high school readiness and learn English language as a second language skill, as well as citizenship classes. Thinking about going back to college? Enroll in our college transitions program and our teachers will help you every step of the way, including when you start classes at college!

Need help with computer and software program skills? Our “user-friendly” instructors will teach you how to use a computer, all of the Microsoft software including Word, Excel and Outlook, QuickBooks, PhotoShop, Social Media and many other classes.  Other workforce development skills include WorkReady classes, a 60 soft-skills training program to make you the best employee possible, as well as other industry-specific training.

The Axiom Education & Training Center, is a 501 c3 non-profit organization, and is dedicated to furthering the life-long educational and professional development of residents and businesses in Washington County and Maine. Axiom is committed to expanding Adult Education and Workforce Development skills training services to every town and territory in Washington County and recruiting and providing services to populations traditionally unserved or underserved by higher education.

Classes are available throughout ALL of Washington County. We believe that through education and technology the economic, social, and cultural life of Washington County’s diverse community will be transformed.


For more information, call 207-255-4917 or classes@connectwithaxiom.com