Lost Soldiers and Prisoners of War to be Honored

By Lura Jackson

With a long record of having one of the highest populations per capita of veterans in the country, Maine families are no strangers to having lost loved ones who served in the armed forces. While in most cases the death of a soldier can be confirmed, sometimes a family is only told that their loved one is missing in action—a status that leaves a hollow uncertainty that dwells in the pit of the heart. In other cases, the horrifying news that they have been taken as a prisoner of war is delivered instead. Sometimes those POWs are able to return, though adjusting to life as a civilian often becomes their next great struggle. 

In honor of those soldiers given the heart-rending ambiguous status of missing in action and those who endured being a prisoner of war, a ceremony will be held at the Calais Police/Fire Station on Friday, September 16th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. All veterans, family members, and community members are invited to attend.


The ceremony will include a reading of the White Table, which prepares a setting for missing soldiers, the placement of flowers for each war and branch of service, and a speech. Calais American Legion Commander Mike Mclean summarized the event with an appeal to “Please remember our fallen,” and to “Never forget our POWs/MIAs!”