Town News

Linda Baniszeski

The Meddybemps Special Town Meeting regarding permanent Super Fund site oversight has been set.  This is a meeting with representatives of the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Environmental Protection, and Maine Department of Environmental Protection Monday, September 19 - 6 p.m. at Meddybemps Community Center.  This is the only opportunity for Meddybemps full-time residents to ask questions and vote to establish the formal Town Position that will be presented to these agencies about permanent oversight of the Super Fund site.  Lake Meddybemps Association has formally endorsed the Passamaquoddy Tribes request for ownership.  Please call me at 454-3719 if you need more details. 

Wildlife is on the move in our area.  We were away four days and upon our return realized our ducks had disappeared.  Perhaps they are already migrating and telling us that fall weather is not too far away.  Monday’s crisp cool morning leads us to the same conclusion.  Another sign of fall is that many boats have been pulled out of the lake.  Potential temperatures are not so much a problem as the very low water levels.  It’s been a few years since it has been this low at this time of year.  We have often been able to take fall leaf tours around the lake up until October.  When we see Terry Reynolds’ boat on its trailer before the official start of fall, we know the lake level is really down.  That’s not to say boats won’t be used by launching at the town dock.  But it is nearly impossible to get boats off of lifts when water is this low at shoreline docks.  

 Driving to Machias last Tuesday, some sort of cat appeared to be jumping at something in the weeds.  It appeared to be a bobcat or very large house cat.  Knowing that Karen Holmes is always up on the movements of various kinds of wild cats and other wildlife in our area, I e-mailed her describing it.  She replied, “I think it was a bobcat. I have seen them here; maybe it was a kitten of the year.”  She added, “I had a bear walk out into the road near my mailbox while I was getting my mail around 7:30 pm the other night. Surprised me and I felt lucky to see one so close. It just stayed on all-fours and was a young adult bear, about 150 pounds. I actually said “watch out for the trucks in the road, bear.” It then strolled off into my woods. Raccoons here this summer are plentiful. I just found a dead jumping mouse. Have not seen one of those for a while. Plenty of house and white-footed mice; not dead either!! I also had a wood rat hang around this summer. I still have hummingbirds feeding in my flower gardens and feeders. Last year I had them until September 28th. These are the young of the year. Aren’t we lucky we enjoy wildlife!”  I agree with Karen.  Every day in this place is a feast for the senses. The hummingbirds have disappeared from our property as well as Janet Wooding’s.  Chickadees, blue jays and woodpeckers appear in our area most every day.  Life by the lake is quieting down.  

 Karen Gilbert and her friend and neighbor Cindy Troxel are at her camp for their annual fall visit.  Karen and Dennis will return later in October to winterize and close up camp for the season.  Pat and Rich Lentz will be arriving at their camp shortly for a September visit; and then again in October.  September and October are some of the most beautiful months in this part of Maine.

The Kravat’s daughters departed from their parents’ camp for Washington State the day after Labor day.  Bill and Jean are remaining here a little while longer.  That is the only sad thing about fFall to us, seeing our good neighbors departing until next summer.


 Now I am departing until next week.  Please send your news to or phone 454-3719.